When Things Go As Planned!

Don’t sabotage yourself with thoughts of wondering when it will end. I know I do and it just ruins it. Ruins all my great plans that are always running around in my head.Instead think of things as succeeding constantly and anything that is not as a chance to re-do, re-plan or re-think a situation to your advantage. I’ve found in the latest months that even when I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going with the changes I was making that I knew it was the right change for me.

If you put yourself out there to do different things as opposed to just sitting still, it stands to reason you will hit some roadblocks along the way.

As with all things it depends on your state of mind. If you consider it a small blip on the way to success, then you are all set. It you consider it a major set-back, you stand to get discouraged more easily.

Success Opposite Decision Failure Choice Choose
Success Opposite Decision Failure Choice Choose

It’s important to think in the way that helps you punch through to succeed. Anyone who has accomplished anything in their lives have suffered some set-backs. You can ask anyone who has made it big about that one and you will most likely hear them say the same.

There will even be days when you wonder if what you fight for is even worth it, but if you are really passionate about how you live and what you do, you will only falter for a moment on your way to what you want, and that’s OK too. When you finally get there you will feel so great about how hard you worked and how you didn’t give up even when you wanted to.

I work hard everyday on something, anything to make me in a better place than I was yesterday and the forward momentum is keeping me sane, some days it’s better than others, as it is with everyone. Because investing time in your dreams is never wasted.

Don’t give up! You are moving towards your best self and the life you want or just instinctively need to be living.

You can do it, and let things go as planned, and always be grateful for every…little… step…in the direction you need to be going.

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