It’s not easy sometimes. To be this determined. But I am. I feel like a dog with a bone sometimes.

I used to feel that way with my views and how I perceived things. In that way it caused a lot of roadblocks.

Now, I like to think that I am that way when it comes to my passions. Getting out of debt, blogging, vlogging and so forth.

I want to succeed, but better yet, every little victory is a chance to feel real good about it and then if something doesn’t feel right, I can just change directions until it does. Tweak it!

Need a change. Switch it up until it feels right. Need to do something different. Switch it up until different feels good.

The thing is I have a one minded goal about me that can only be defined as very passionate at getting where I need to be.

The thing is every step, every little thing I do contribute to it. When something doesn’t fit, I just get rid of it. When it does, I keep it and run with it. Just like a race car driver that faces obstacles, you just go around it and put the pedal to the metal!

Don’t complicate things or get discouraged. Sit on it for a while and try a different angle. If you need to do it a multitude of times to get it right. So what! What else do you have to do in life but try different things and figure out your challenges? This may be the very best time of your life and you are missing it because you are discouraged.

Do you know how many failures it takes to make it…dead ends, re-tries, re-thinks… but in the end you get there. Why? Because you…never…stop…trying.

So when you feel discouraged and think…I just can’t try anymore. Take a break, take a rest and try again. After all, you are not a quitter.

And you are finally on your way and you can see just how great you are. There is simply just nothing like it.



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