2016 – You Have Been Good To Me!

I know it’s a bit early to talk about the year ending, however since I work 8 to 5 everyday, the years seem to spin off on me most of the time. So I am starting now to say just how much I enjoyed 2016 financially and personally. It’s been a year of more financial progress than I have ever had in all the years before. We have made huge progress when it comes to paying off debt. And the year will finish off by giving me 10 days off while only taking 3 days in my vacation bank. That’s a whole 3 other days that are stat and 4 weekend days. It will be awesome to get that much time off for so little having to be sacrificed.

We will be hopefully under $20000 to pay off before the new year mid-to-late December which the rest should be done in 2017 no problem, or at least that is what I am hoping and a whole new chapter will begin for us.

World wise, it’s been a tumultuous year and I hope that people around the world find the peace that seems to have been lost over the last year.

I’m also hoping that we lose less singers and artists/actor in 2017.

Career wise, there has been no change, only that I feel less like a prisoner because of the steps we are taking, and that is a great relief and brings me joy. By next winter, I should have many more choices open to me even possibly doing something else of my choosing to make money. I would prefer to do my channel and my writing full time, but I think I am a little bit away from that just yet.

I think sometimes I like to complain for nothing, after all, I know my job and I do it well and it’s just that it’s not always perfect as I would like it it to be. But what is? The curse of being the analytical mind is sometimes just annoying especially if you are driving it as well.

I have started a YouTube Channel and I love doing these videos. I was a bit anxious at first to wanting to get a ton of subscriptions to it, but you know even when I do nothing at all, it seems to find it own subscribers. I went from 10 to 62 in a couple of months, so I am very happy. I just imagine talking to a room with 62 people…That’s a lot. So I am happy to know that I might be making others lives easier. I’m hoping that eventually my videos get out there, help people, entertain them and also makes me a few bucks. What a great life that would be.

I reached my event of 365 posts for this blog and am still keeping up with that just less as you have seen, but I try to keep it consistent, although the content I decided would be real life or my life and thoughts instead of just being a constant cheerleading section of the world. We need positive, but we need more real life too. Not fake life (or Kardashian, Housewives of whatever), but real life.

I am Canadian and I can say that our neighbors have not had such a great year, at least as far as I could see. All I can remember seeing on my Facebook feed was riot after riot and shooting after shooting. People hating each other over elections.

Facebook has become a place where people can no longer be objective about what they see. With the news feed that they scroll through…people are starting to think this is all real when in fact it’s opinions and entertainment and sometimes has no real bearings on the actual events. It is distorted and erroneous and poison. People have stopped treating it as a means of entertainment, and it now reads like talk shows, you have the “Jerry Springer” and the “Maury” side, and then the everything is good “Oprah” side to it. The thing that scares me the most is you have the “National Enquirer” side but people think it’s the “60 Minutes”side. For this reason and other reasons, I have put the Facebook down.

In the last week I have gone on 3 times. Mostly to check on my “Today I’m Grateful” site and make sure that the feeds I put in from my other social media such as Instagram and this blog populate properly.  Other than that. It’s mostly retired and I plan to keep it that way.

For now, where I live #lovemesomecountryliving and my country of Canada are at peace and I will not take that for granted, but will wholeheartedly live in that peace for as long as I can.

I have worked very hard since October of 2015 and I have a great crew helping me. My boys help promote this lifestyle.

I would like to concentrate on clearing out my home of the crap and junk that I have accumulated. Seems that as much as I purge, there is always so much more to get rid of and places that I thought were done that need to be revisited, but it’s all good. Like the purging of my debt, it’s slow but still moving in a forward pace.

Hopefully we can then concentrate on our health and see what we can do to help ourselves in that department as well.

I hope 2016 has been good to you so far. Why don’t you take a moment and let me know what were your favorite parts of the year!!


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