Henna: The Benefits and Stuff about It You May Not Like!

I have been using henna for a while now. For myself, I love it. I use the red one and the benefits to my hair has been plenty. My thick mane of hair has returned and my scalp has been so so so very appreciative of the fact that I no longer dump chemicals on it. No more burning or scabs caused by pouring some nasty chemicals on my head. Pretty sure it helps not to dump cancer causing chemicals on your head.

And for that reason alone, everyone should use henna, but some may not be ready for it.

Is Henna Permanent? Yes, a lot more permanent than a hair dye. It’s a varnish on your hair that does not run out. So when I say permanent, I mean permanent. When using Henna, you can dye from light to dark, but if you go black, you will need to let it grow out. It’s permanent as in that it is your hair color now like you were born with it.

The great thing is if you go red like I do, you don’t get to watch it run out of the tub as soon as you put it on. Other than my regrowth the rest of my hair has kept the red highlights that I put in, just a little lighter than when I did it.

You can do henna any time and don’t have to wait more than a few days  (simply to let the color lighten or darken) to redo it again. It’s not harmful to your health or your hair.

Here are the parts that can leave you wondering if it’s all worth it. Getting the consistency right the first few times to put it on your hair can be tricky. I usually get mine very good so that’s comparable to a normal hair dye maybe just a bit thicker. Some don’t and end up with something that looks like a grassy texture, chunky and dry. It can get right down crumbly, but I just add enough colored tea water (usually red) to make sure it’s never that way.

The smell is wet hay. You can put some lavender oil in it to help or other stuff, but regardless; you will smell like a wet field. (Personally I don’t mind it, but my husband really hates it).

I won’t speak for the browns, but for the reds I have used, the color might take a few tries to get it to what you want and even then for me it’s always turned into a subtle kind of red for me, but my hair color is dark to begin with. You can use beet water, red teas and even wine to manipulate the color.

I love the highlights of my white hair because they turn bright red offering a great contrast between the light and dark.  To make sure your red stays on your white, you simply need to put a little tablespoon of vinegar in the mix and it should be good. I never had any problems with mine. And I’ve done it quite a few times already.

If you get it on anything, that will be a permanent color now, so be careful where it drops. So it’s important to put some kind of gel around your face so that you can wipe it off. Just like the normal hair dye you have to be careful.

You can leave it up to 4 hours and I’ve seen some put it on for even 8 which I have never done. So it’s not fun to leave that stuff in there smelling like a wet horse’s dream snack for hours, but I just love the results and it’s worth it for me.

After you have rinsed it off for the 10th time cause it’s a bit like getting clay out of your hair, you will see that the highlights are in, the grey is gone and your hair feels like those awesome commercials where the woman spins around and her hair is curly thick and shiny and that feeling lasts a very long time.

Much better than that feeling that all your hair is about to fall off if you brush it too hard when you put a chemical dye on.

Your scalp is not burning and you have helped your body stay safe from chemicals.

I’ve never done it, but I’ve read that you should not attempt bleaching your hair again after you have put henna in it because you may end up losing your hair. Not sure about this because personally when I started using henna I stopped using anything else. But I would seriously do some research to make sure if I were you.

Henna is generally inexpensive especially if you buy it online and a $10 dollar box lasts me two applications but I have very long hair.

Everything else you need will be on my video here: If you have any questions, I will answer to best of my knowledge.

It’s a choice I don’t regret and am very happy with.




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