Social Experiment! Time for a change! Bye Bye Facebook! For Now Anyways!

I have been toying with the idea of getting away from Facebook in the last few months. As a blogger and a vlogger now, I have noticed how little of my voice or reasoning actually goes where I would like it to. I feel less like a community of sharing and caring and contribution and more like a dodging and ignoring the unpleasantness. A trashing and spreading of crap.

Regardless of the fact that I try to stay away from news media, I have noticed that people can be even worse than the news media when it comes to spreading crap that is out there.

Sharing hoax deaths and news articles that are 3 years old.

Information on things that are false (I have even been caught on that one, when I shared an article about how onions become toxic if you save them after they have been cut…all lies). No worries, someone I had friended who never commented anything good or at all on anything I ever posted made sure that I was corrected on this.

People are not paying attention to the good shares or scroll too fast to share and now take anything that happens on that media as a gospel, especially the negative. And it only seems to be getting worse.

My latest thing (beyond the elections last week that was just awful as for people just spouting all kinds of hatred at each other) are now where everyone were spreading false stories, accusations etc… was someone posting a lie to suit their own needs.

Don’t these people realize that you have everyone you knew in your lifetime on this social media and some that know the truth to your obvious lies? Duh…

Some people end us really looking like total idiots on this medium.

Why would you ever ruin your credibility to have one up on someone?

I have even tried to grow my channel on YouTube by going into groups that want to share their channels and subscribe to each other (or so it says, making it sound wholesome and fair), only to find that most of those just want you to subscribe to them and then they un-subscribe from you later.

So instead of using a platform to find people of the same interest, you have dishonest people looking for a massive short cut that hardly ever works. So even this great idea becomes just a crap shoot.

And then you have everyone and their cousins getting insulted at every little thing that is said. The people who just wait to say something negative while they silently peruse everyone’s feeds waiting for the right moment to say something without thought or class. It’s getting all a bit much for me.

Since I am not really growing anymore on Facebook, I am suddenly toying with the fact that I may want to get away from it for a while.

I would still write my blogs here and since they share automatically to my Happy Healthy Facebook page, I’m hoping people there would like to continue hearing from me, but then that would be it.

I am more curious to see what my state of mind would be after that month, two months or more. Probably a load better than it is now.

I’ve gone for about 4 days only to realize that no one ever really left messages wondering where I was or if I was alright, making me wonder where all these great friendships people talk about existing on this platform (oh no I probably started another discussion on how Facebook friends are real friends…Yah OK). At least I’m pretty sure no one would realize I was gone or maybe even care if I was (not pitying myself, just stating a fact).

Everyone seems to be quite taken with the state of their own minds and causes.  And second, I would still have YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest (although that last one is less than the others have been).

You keep seeing all these memes about “if I gave you a million dollars to live here” (cabin in the woods) “would you stay off the internet for a month?” Although I’m pretty sure not one person has a million dollars to offer me. So sad! Ha! The idea planted the seed for what I’m about to attempt.

So I think I might do that! I will still share my blogs and vlogs to Facebook but without actually going on Facebook. By clicking on the links to the video or blog you will still be able to leave a comment on either YouTube or my WordPress here, but other than that, I think it’s time for a rest and see if I can get in contact with myself and see if there are any real people out there I might want to still connect with (no promises there either, I would need to find people with personalities that can leave their phones alone for more than a minute). I won’t make any promises, but it might be an interesting thing to do.

For those on Facebook thinking I need attention or might be depressed. I am here to tell you that all that couldn’t be further from the truth. I just think that my technology should enhance my life and my knowledge and my state of mind. And I am feeling that Facebook while it had usually been entertaining over the years is no longer really doing it for me. I feel that too many yell without taking the time to hear while others absorb all the negative and never put out positive.

People reinvent themselves and lie and envy, copy etc…. leaving some of us feeling like our hard work is not really doing much or our sharing does not really reach anyone. And sharing memes is just not turning my crank anymore.

So it’s goodbye for now! Not in bloggling or vlogging but for Facebook. And for those of you who do actually read and watch the videos (the handful) then this will not affect a single thing. I will still post here and on YouTube weekly. As I mentioned before, the only thing affected will be how to reach me. It will have to be here or YouTube. I think I might leave my messenger up if anyone has anything important. I will see. I don’t intend on closing out my facebook page since I have so many pictures there so that will stay put for now. I just won’t be on there for the time being!

I feel good about this change. I feel light and happy about it already!








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