The Greatest Gift For Me! More Time.

That would be time and then money. The reason I say these things is that if you save me one, I am going to regain another.

The more gets paid, the more gets freed up. The more gets freed up the more I can put aside so I can stockpile to live on. The more I can stockpile, the less I will need in the future, the more I can concentrate on regaining my time back.


I remember a time when I thought that you finished school and then went to work and lived in debt until 65 and then you tried to live on what the government gave you until you died.

The part that gets me is that I never questioned it. Not once. Why? Because people don’t talk about it?

Because people just work and buy and work and buy and that’s all you ever see.

So I worked and bought and worked and bought. And hated working so I bought so it would make me feel better.

I deserved it right? I worked hard for my money. Why shouldn’t I buy what I want with it?

Then one day…. I had more time to just putter around my kitchen and clean it and then cook a nice slow meal in a crock pot that I had filled in the morning. I actually did stuff in my space, and make that space my own finally after just constantly throwing things together.

I started wishing my time was mine. That I could do stuff in my home, slowly at my own pace. Decide to build a pie if I wanted to or just wash down a wall if my inclination was to do so. Just do something every day to take care of my place.

Since I have moved in the home in 2008, I have not had any time to spend in it. Even when we moved in. We did it on a weekend and off to work we went on the Monday.

Boy how tired we were. I really love my old home. I would love to do a little here and there, but I never have the time. When we started doing the vacation thing, we left the home. We took a week last year to renovate the laundry room (which is still nowhere near done) and it was done in haste because that’s all the time we had.

I’m tired of giving up my time to help further someone else’s pocket book. Suddenly the idea of doing this for another 20 years really felt restrictive and unfulfilling and very depressing.

Suddenly I felt like I was in jail. Yes, I can go where I want, but not really. I have to go back and forth to work and can’t go very far, since I have to stay close to work to return the next day. I give over a third of my day and a quarter of that goes to taxes, every day to someone else for money that was leaving my hand so fast it felt so empty in mind body and soul.

I had a car but it cost so much to run it and I needed a job to keep it going. I need money to keep my roof that I can’t spend time in because I am always working.  I started to see the vicious circle.

The slaves of today look free. But we are not. The circle may be bigger and we may be able to do more, and complain and say more but we end up working for someone who can usually make us feel less than what we are, and we are slaves to the multitude of bills that keep being passed on as a norm from generation to generation.

You need a house, you need a car, you need a credit card….etc…

We have been taught that bigger was a sign of wealth and being successful and so did owning more. Well I think it’s a sign of poverty and being a bigger slave to work.

So I changed it and continue doing so every day that I can.

I can see just how many payments I got rid of so I can put the money back in my pocket and see how much of that money I will be able to save up once we catch up of all the purchases we have made over the years.

I’m really happy to say that it’s come down to the last 2.

A credit line that is going down fast and a mortgage that is still very low in today’s standards of what some people have as a mortgage to pay.  I am super happy with what the outcome will be because in the end it will also help us make better decisions about how we move forward. Helping us rely on less of anything or anyone, including government to make our lives.

It’s been a long journey for us. A long time to get from there to here. To understand what is really important and that we don’t have to conform to anything that is being taught to us in the masses by media or just simply what the rest of the world has been living. We can take a different road and make our own way towards what we want.

If we can cover the basics and then work at whatever we please whenever we please. Isn’t that wonderful! I’m hoping it happens sooner, but I will be happy to work at it knowing there is an end in sight. And for every amount we invest or pay off, it’s a step closer to the end of the line. We are very ready to be financially independent and to no longer have to respond to everyday demands on our time.

A nice long break sounds heavenly to refocus ourselves to life. To be able to read a book, or work on a project slowly or quickly.

The thing is, it would be our choice finally to do as we please, free of guilt or worry, before we are too old to enjoy it. And that sounds heavenly to me!

What are you doing to get the grips of money out of your life? Have you looked around and seen if there is a way you can cut something out without cutting yourself off. It does not need to be a sacrifice you know.

If you need any ideas, please don’t hesitate to visit our YouTube Channel, A Decade To Freedom. And press on the red subscribe button on the top right hand side of the page to keep up to date with all new videos.

It’s our thing and we enjoy it!



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