LOVE is Risky!

When you love someone, you put yourself at risk. The risk is that one day this person will disappoint you in that love or that something bad might happen to that person, so you would be left alone.

I sometimes think what would happen if I were to lose my love. My love being the man I love or the kids I love. No doubt it would be devastating. Because I love these humans with everything I have.


Some protect themselves from it, because it’s just too hard to give too much and then have it taken away. But the rest of us just kind of go along, hope for the best and try not to think of the worse.

As you get older though, you don’t feel quite as “Superman” as before. You see others getting sick or right out dying. I am guessing that these things will start happening at more regular frequencies as the years go by. People disappearing in body from our lives. I remember my grandmother telling me how hard it was as you get older to see all your friends dying. Having lost both my mother at 7 and then a full term pregnancy when I was 26, I know the pain of death all too well.

I have had to deal with the fear of loved ones dying in my life since I have been surrounded by it since a young age.

At one point, fear of losing my kids to some weird cold or disease was a prey on my mind and that almost did me in. I lived in the grips of fear and it took a long time to finally be able to say that “I have fears but they don’t have me.”

Do you live in fear? It happens to me still when someone I love are not feeling great and it’s not really apparent what is going on. Do I know what the future holds? Absolutely not.

Does stuff happen when you least expect it? Yes it happens. I’m sure most or all of you have been caught unaware as to someone’s unexpected passing.

What can I do about it? Well, I can support the people I love and help them get help if I can.

I can also give them my love and tenderness, and make sure they know love.

Look, our time here is not guaranteed. We are here for a moment, for a day, for a year, for a decade, for a hundred years. It’s just a turn in this world. If stuff changes, you must change with it.

And when it’s time to go or let go, then the best you can have is memories of a hug or a kiss. A smile or the laughter shared. The love and support you have for one another. Beyond that is just wasted time. Feel good by doing good and being good to yourself and others.

I believe it’s something many have forgotten. I forget often, but then try to remember it every time I can so I can get back on track of what is important.

Send your goodwill and love to people. It’s what’s best for everyone.

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