I’ll make it a good one today, because I feel really good.


I love my husband and have fun making him real uncomfortable sometimes (he will understand, inside joke) meaning I love to send him outrageous pictures that would make him spit up coffee type of thing. We still laugh with each other and still make each other shy when we flirt. I love him to pieces.

I love my boys. They are good boys. So happy when I hear my older son sound so proud of himself for working so hard at this job he got in May. He has been working real hard on saving up for a much wanted truck that he has wanted since he could roll little cars on the carpet. I’m sure he will find one soon and he will have paid for it in full and saved up for it himself. He pays bills at the house and does his share. I’m glad he is learning to be a decent and responsible human being.

My younger one is slowly getting his stuff together, having just got licensed last week. We can finally start looking for a vehicle for him so he can start making his way in the spring and go forth in his life. In the meanwhile, he does a lot in the home while we are away and build a fire for heat and keeps things up. He is a team player and my soft soul.

They tease me and drive me insane making me talk to for nothing, but the LOVE is there. I say it in capital letters because I am and feel LOVED.

I am super grateful for these fellas. I could not ask for better and don’t know why I got the lucky draw for my family, but I sure have.

I don’t ever need a lottery win. I can make my own money. The kind of LOVE I get to share and receive every day with these guys, you simply can’t buy.

I love you Jesse, Lee and my main squeeze Ed. Forever and a couple of days just to be sure xxx


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