I Live For Thursdays!

Why do I live for that day?  Because it’s pay day.  Either his or mine.

Every payday is such a thrill because it means more money goes on the bills and our path to putting our stupid forever financial debt behind us is one week stronger.

Now I do know that some of that was a necessity at the beginning. We would have never survived without credit when there was one job and 2 babies. However, at one point it just sort of became habit. We could have started being much smarter with our money as more came in and worked on our much smaller debt a lot sooner.

But as all bad habits go, they are sometimes so hard to get rid of, especially if they are so easy to stay into. You put money in and take it back out, and then the credit companies give you more credit and you start taking out more. And it goes round and round.

After having almost $50,000 of revolving debt, all with monthly payments, I am happy to say that this is cut in half now as we owe just under $25,000. (Credit cards, credit lines, furniture loans, car loans  etc…)

The thrill of it all is just amazing. To know that at this time next year, we stand to say: “we are debt free”.

Part of me knows that this will not be the complete truth since we will still owe on our home, however, we can then save to invest our money to make more money and pay off the house decades earlier than predicted, leaving us poor in debt (hopefully none to speak of in the future), but house rich and cash rich.

I know a lot of people who say “ live now because you might not be able to later”. Or what does it matter to save if you can’t take it with you. All very good points.

First, if I live now (on credit), I will still need to pay it later.  Most likely a lot later and a lot longer because I was stupid and did not calculate just how much I would be paying back and for how long. How many years do I want to give up my paycheck to a credit company? The average lifespan of a human can reach to the 90’s now. I honestly don’t want to be owing until I’m 90.

And yes you can’t take your money with you if you die, but what if you live a lot longer than you thought and do not have something to take care of your future.

It’s pretty selfish to go around thinking others will take the burden of taking care of you.

So don’t save enough that you have too much, but maybe save enough to ensure you can live a nice easy and quiet life that is suited to you. It’s called being organized and thinking ahead, not to just what’s in front of your nose.

I want to own my stuff (as in house and contents) so that if one day I get sick or tired (not even retired). If I’m organized, I could go a good long while without too much worrying.

And I am more than willing to give up my share of toys (or what people call living) to ensure that I be home like I would want to today when I’m not feeling so hot and just be able to rest, instead of sitting here wondering when the end of the day will arrive so I can go home and remind my husband that there are only two days left in the week before another weekend arrives.

I would like to be able to go on social media and give advice about Life and Joy and Peace because I am totally out of touch with everyday working and my life is so much better because I do not have to deal with another ignorant person on a daily basis. Yes give me more of that! If that means I have to go home and eat a mediocre lunch instead of spending $15 a day on it to get me there faster. Then yeah! Absolutely! Sign me up for that!

I will never promote giving up everything you really love. That’s just not me and I really don’t have to at this point. But if you can get better value for your money or not settle for mediocre and get better. I am all for that. Every day. When you stop buying garbage, paying too much for junk and eating meals that you could make cheaper and tastier at home, are you really giving up anything at all?

I don’t think so. So my debt free journey is about smarts not sacrifice. Pay Day is a good day and getting better and I look forward to the day when we can relax and enjoy all our hard work.

Want ways to save? Here’s a few e-books that can help with that. The price is reasonable and you help our family reach our goals a lot quicker! We thank everyone who’s already purchased them and I encourage you to do so if you have not. It can save you so much money!







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