Bad Service or Bad Food!

I need to address this since as of late, my husband and I have been subject to this type of thing. And it is becoming quite frustrating. We don’t want to post or complain on websites but it seems to be the only way to get our point across these days.

Restaurants fail for 2 reasons. Bad or inadequate service or bad food.


Firstly I won’t be naming names but if you need to know I will answer for you the restaurants we are talking about, if you are someone who lives near me.

We have a little restaurant we frequent where we eat breakfast mostly on Saturday mornings but have gone for supper a few times. We are breakfast regulars.

The food is decent, not mind shattering but decent, all fresh ingredients and their prices for the most part are really good too. The problem however is not the food. It’s the disorganized and lack of service if they have more than 3 tables to serve when you go in.

We went on Friday night to try for dinner at this place with the boys. They had 2 waitresses working and maybe 10 tables to serve, but we sat there after 20 minutes and gave up (our drinks had been brought after 10 minutes but our orders had not been even taken yet), leaving being told by the waitress that it was probably better this way since it was soo busy (hmm ok).

The new waitress although kind was at the cash and phone much too long to be effective on our side of the restaurant and did not ask to take our order after serving us our drinks when the menus were on the table clearly being an indication we were ready to give our order. After another 10 minutes, we gave up.

Being ignored is a form of incompetence by the server and is a major no-no that the customer service industry is doing more of to avoid having to deal with customers that are not happy for obvious reasons.

Thinking that if I don’t see you, you are not there, is however the worst thing you could do. Acknowledging the problem would be ten times better than swerving to avoid a table. You can calm a customer much better if you acknowledge their existence. Take their order and let them know that it may take a while to give them the decision right there and then whether or not they want to stay. Tell them you are sorry for the delay, but for heaven’s sake, don’t ever ignore them.

It’s very frustrating after a full day’s work wanting to sit and relax and eat because you are all hungry and having to displace yourself after 30 minutes (not even including the drive) and having to go to another restaurant to eat.  It’s upsetting and annoying and something that happens more and more now.

On Saturday we went to another restaurant for breakfast where I had to run around finding the waitress to get a refill of our cup of coffee when I asked her twice, who had obviously forgotten us and did not even acknowledge that she did.

Then there was Sunday Night.

On Sunday after spending the day putting wood away for winter all day, we ordered from a local restaurant for Pizza. The last time we had, the pizza was slightly burnt but they had changed owners recently and we always permit one time to screw things up. So last night was the night, their second chance.

We started to eat and the pizza was burnt. We had ordered a separate one (different kind) and the dough was still slimy at some places to indicate it was not cooked properly.

Bad  food.  Twice now.  How sad.  We called and they offered to fix us a new pizza, but again, it was later in the evening, we were hungry and now upset. It’s too late. We would not wait another 40 minutes to go drive back and go and get it. Yah, no.

We posted our dislike on their Facebook wall and a couple hours later they called to tell us they would refund our $50 back. At least there is that, but it’s too late. The damage is done.

These things happen, but they happen far too often for our liking recently.

A couple of weeks back, we ordered Chinese food and were told 35 minutes. We went to pick it up since we live 25 minutes away and they made my husband wait another 30 minutes for his food, while I watched others walk in and out quickly with their food in hand.

Why did they not admit that they had either forgotten our order and offer apologies or an appetizer extra for our trouble instead of letting us watch people after people walk by us while letting us stand there like idiots getting angry?

These things have happened to us far too often without reason for it and without the proper concern to fix it.

Lack of service, bad service and bad products are killers of any business. YOU cannot have ONE of these ingredients only and survive. You will eventually falter.

Hey it’s not our business or our failing to have, we the customer can just decide to go elsewhere. And we do go elsewhere.

It’s really sad that people are not grasping that in this day and age, these things are more important now than ever. With ratings and websites.

You get two chances with us unless the service was terrible then you get no more. Disorganization also gets chances but just how many times do we get ignored until we decide it’s time to move on.

You get in business to make money. You may love what you do, but let’s face it; you need to be making money to keep in business.

If you upset your customers, how do you suppose you will continue making money? Or keep regulars? Servers always complain of small tips, but tips are for servers that actually take care of you. If you have to run after them or they ignore you, you need to take into consideration that your tip jar might be smaller.

It’s all common sense to us but then again maybe that’s why it’s getting so hard to understand? Common sense is not so common.

Cutting corners will only cut you right out of business eventually. It may be a slow death but if you don’t deal with it, it will end up being the death of your business.

That’s my rant… unfortunately, it’s not fixing my problem of finding a new pizza joint!





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