I Love Talking About Money!

Well Duh! That was not always the case though. I loved ignoring what my money was doing. I did not want to see just how far into debt I was getting myself.  Now I can’t get enough. To reach that goal of debt free is something I am super passionate about.

In order to keep us motivated, we have this mini celebration we do every time mortgage, credit line or equal total of both hits the $5000 mark as in lowers by $5000.

Example: We owe $25000 for the credit line. Once it hits under 25 like $24581, we treat it like a milestone. Same for the mortgage, we went from $120282 to $119956. We will celebrate again when the amounts go under $20000 for the credit line and under $115000 for the mortgage.

You need to celebrate some smaller milestones especially if your debt is high. It’s important to keep yourself motivated when there is so much debt and a long time to get it there.

I looked outside this morning and saw that my yard had a woodpile in it.

One that I paid outright on Tuesday night and that this pile will heat my home for winter. It’s paid for, so I need not concern myself with heating bills. That is real nice.

It’s quite satisfying to do this without having to dig into a credit card or credit line and still pay off debt.

I received a bonus at work this period and decided to use it on what was needed and not on debt. The reason I did this was because I did not want to have to dip into credit to pay for winter tires and wood for heating.

I am off for an extended period of time this holiday season coming up. I have had not done that in years. But it’s already Christmas in my life today. You know that warm fuzzy hot chocolate Christmas carol kind of day.

I feel good and secure and although I realize it’s an illusion, I am so grateful right now that things are just moving along and that we are moving towards our goals.

A year ago it seemed really far off, but now it does not feel so unreachable. Every pay, every bad day I know that we are moving forward and finally getting there.

And to tell you the truth, it’s not the money that matters right now.

I wish I could impart to you the feeling of peace and happiness I have when I think that every day, I am getting closer to being able to just live without fear of not being able to live one day.

By lowering our cost of living, we are insuring that when we do save up, we will need less and our money will go further. To wake in the morning without having to think of “OH MY GOD” how do I live today? And what happens if I can’t work anymore?

This more than anything is my goal. I want to be able to have a choice. Something that was limited to me in the past.

My husband as little as 5 years ago thought he was going to work til he died. And there is nothing wrong with that if that is your goal. It was not his, he just took for granted that we would never see the end of debt.

He now feels that he might actually be able to live a little before he dies.

I saw the other day someone say that you should not lower expenses because since you are doing with less it engages a mindset of disparity and living in need.  That you should spend on more to get more.

Now I get they were talking about investments that offer passive income in the future, but I disagree with that logic for other reasons.

I think if you can always find the way to lower your costs without giving up too much, you are a much smarter person than ones who live in constant search of the almighty dollar.

And finding the best cost and lowering cost actually make you feel like you are richer and have more because you do.

I have seen people who make over a hundred thousand dollars a year and still can’t get credit for anything. That is simply absurd.

We need to teach everyone who will listen money smarts.

Every day I feel more and more liberated, and that is a super addicting way to feel. Better than any jacket I ever bought, or trip I ever went on.

Need some tips: Go watch my YouTube channel “A Decade to Freedom” where I post videos every week now, usually pertaining to saving or search out posts on this blog, there are tons of tips and tricks here.

A Decade To Freedom

There are also two e-books I wrote that are posted on the side or bottom of this blog (depending on what you are reading from like phone/tablet or laptop) that you can purchase for .99cents that can start you off in the right direction.

Or you can leave me a comment or question below and I will more than happy to reply.

There is nothing quite like feeling comfort and peace in your life. Getting control over your money is a good way to start feeling that way. I highly recommend it.

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