Be Supportive!

Don’t assume you know how it is to live in others shoes. You do not.  If you stay at home all day and don’t work, how can you know what’s it’s like to let’s say have to work 40 hours and deal with customers all day. You wouldn’t. How could you? It’s not your lifestyle. It’s not to say you are less, it’s just not your life.

How could I understand how it is to take care of an elderly person or a special needs person when I do not? I can’t.

If you take it one step further, it stands to reason that I can also not offer any advice on these things or understand what they must feel every day, unless I have experienced it. Why? Because I don’t live it.

Yet, every day on social media, people find the need to express or give advice to everyone without knowing all the facts.

It’s easy to tell someone to be grateful and happy if you have not had to tolerate or be at the mercy of others moods all day. If you are at home and have a very different day, the perspective might be a bit different.

So if someone is struggling, and need a kind word, you go ahead and do that. There is sometimes no need to give your opinion of how they should handle it.

They usually are in their own way and they just need a bit of understanding and kindness. That’s what friends are for. Just do that. Give them a virtual or real hug if you can…a smiley face. A “Hope your day improves” can make someone feel 100% better.


No need to for a recital of how life should be handled. You are not in anyone’s shoes than your own and the world looks different to all of us.

That is my big contribution for Wednesday. Some people don’t need fixing, they just need your friendship. Be a good friend.


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