When You Live In The Moment! Or Make The Moment Work For You!

We had a very relaxing weekend!


We met up with friends and did some socializing Saturday! I usually hate planning things because I really dislike schedules and planning on weekends.

I tried a different approach and just kind of relaxed into it and even though we had a set time to meet up with friends, we kind of took it easy and left around the time to meet up with them without stressing over it. We had drinks and then went out to dinner. We had a really nice relaxing evening! Thanks Roger and Denis for the nice evening out!! We needed it.

Then Sunday my husband cleaned out the chimney and got our wood stove ready for winter. I took that time to do some changes in that room to freshen and liberate it a bit since it is our family room/living room and gets a lot of traffic and frankly was way too cluttered for the space. I took all day to clean up (not quite finished) and he did some food shopping and made a nice warm bean type stew for us which was very yummy.


The day passed by and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love taking one day to simply do some clearing and lounging. Clearing has a great effect on my mind. Even though I realize I still have tons of clearing to do (I will probably never be over when it comes to clearing my house), when I am into it and putting things in a box to throw out or give away, it makes me super happy to be doing it. As the space opens up, I can feel myself opening up as well.

I feel as though I can breathe better, although I’m pretty sure I disturbed some dust bunnies that might have been over 5 years old behind the TV. I now have plans to clean out more and fix up my laundry room/soon to be second bathroom so that I can start inviting people over to my home again for entertaining hopefully after Christmas.

I find it hard to invite anyone over since we always seem to be in a state of flux in that home. Things are half done, almost done and incomplete. Areas are all messed up, but we should be able to get part of the first floor to a point where we can be social once again.

Anyone who has an older home and fixer upper can relate to what I am saying here.

The day ended yesterday without fanfare, without a great big expectation. It just ended and I felt really good about it.

So our wood for the winter has been ordered. New guy, but it’s supposed to be dry and good wood. We shall see. Delivery should be this week. Five cords, five hundred and that should take us almost two years since we burn get free stuff, such as skids and rolled up newspapers.

Husband is at the dentist and I am deep into my new work week, but I can’t help but think, I am really liking living in the moment and taking one moment at a time.

As I am simplifying and have simplified my life, I find I have more time to do stuff at a more leisurely and simple pace without feeling like I have a ton of bills I have to ignore, a ton of projects that I have to bury out of the corners and a bunch of crap that I have to clean.  Every little thing that gets organized, paid, cleaned, fixed is one step closer to a better state of mind.

I am grateful for this and think that as winter settles in, I might try and get more done inside since its a great time to do it.

Is there stuff you save up for winter months? Let me know in the comments below.




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