A Different Perception About Money!

If You Want It Bad Enough, You’ll Do What Needs To Be Done-If Not You Won’t!

Who here thinks the credit card money is theirs when they use it?  Up until about a year ago, I would have put up my hand up at that comment.

I can spend it, so it must be mine right?

Wrong. This is the mentality we have come to realize as our own. Don’t have the money? Just take it off the card. Doesn’t matter which card.

The fact that the debit and credit cards now both look like one another just adds to the confusion. You use one card from your money and the other from someone else money, but money will come out either way, so it’s all my money for now right?

The thing is ONE of those IS your money that you have earned and worked for, the other IS NOT.

It’s not yours.

But they make it easy for you to take. You are approved to borrow an amount, you don’t need to ask no one and as long as you make the minimum payment, you can borrow from them forever.

The amount they make off of you is insane, even if you have a revolving balance of $2000 and have kept that balance going all your life, when you die they have probably made that amount a gazillion times over in interest. That’s why they are not worried of what you owe when you die or if they will get it back.

The credit card companies are not your friend, they are there to make money… period. And money they make.

For the first time in my life after falling into the roller coaster of credit after having kids, we took our first credit free weekend anniversary trip.

I actually saved the money in a sinking fund for our anniversary weekend trip. I started a sinking fund and put the money away every week so that by the time we left, I had actual money for it, not credit money.

But I needed a credit card for my hotel so I put the whole amount so that my credit card had a credit. Yes…the credit card company owed me money. So when it was charged, my card showed I was credited and my balance fell back to nothing used on the card. I used my card like a prepaid credit card never using a dime of their money.

And after the trip, I didn’t sit with the bill in front of my face thinking of how I would separate the payments of my salary to pay off my credit card. The only reminder of that weekend was my SD card full of videos and pictures, which you should be seeing in a couple of days!

It was quite an incredible feeling I have to tell you. I was quite impressed with the feeling of nothing being owed. Not only that, my debt repayment schedule is not being re-scheduled because we took out of the credit line again (you know, you pay it back only to take it back again). I don’t have to play catch up. I will simply play “the pay down some more and get to zero game”. This one I like a lot.

And it all started with our money saving expenses game we started last year. The same one that anyone can do. It’s like a no pain diet. Yes of course, there is no such thing, but I’m here to tell you there is.

I see all these YouTube Channels promoting sacrificing everything and the kitchen sink to get your debt paid down. I want my debt paid down very much, but I want to live too. I’ve very much into treating myself and when you have years of debt to get rid of, it’s important to plan your fun because you don’t want to starve in life so that you sabotage yourself later when you fall off the wagon and buy a $60000 SUV.

I can show you. It’s not hard. Just go to my Channel “A Decade To Freedom”. I will give you great places to save so you can take that extra money and pay off the debt/put into a sinking/emergency fund.

If that’s all you do without changing a thing, you can make a difference. Just click on the picture below and start your journey with us! The best part of this journey….You get great tips and all you need to do is watch. NO MONEY SPENT, no tricks, nothing at all. Just a bit of your time and attention and you can start saving.

We have paid off over $20,000 last year and we still ate out and did stuff. We even partially renovated our laundry room. There is more than one way to get out of debt. It doesn’t have to be all black and white. You just have to be smarter with your money.

We post weekly and we are just getting started. Join us!


Click On The Image To Go To Our Channel!



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