Why My Format For Blogging Will Be Changing…Slightly! (Post 364)

I don’t really want to change anything that much, but I decided after my milestone has been reached of 365 blogs (one full year) to start writing how I feel and part of that is being truthful.

The thing of it is it’s not that I wasn’t truthful before or that I am not a positive person or try to be every day. The thing is I am a human being.

I love seeing the best and most positive out of people instead of every post being about conspiracies, tragedies and dying people.  I know that these things happen, but seeing it day in and day out on a constant feed can make you want to just throw yourself off a tall building. I then changed the people I befriended on social media and turned the other way so I could feel and see the better side of the coin.

So I started this blog in hopes to cast a mostly positive glow to daily living. And I do still feel that is important; however I started to feel like I was not saying what I really wanted to be saying at some point, because I do have opinions and some bad days and I can’t always be the sun in the sky every day although I really don’t want to contribute to anyone feeling down.

I sometimes have very strong opinions on things. I also have bad days like anyone else. I am very happy and passionate about several things, but think this world’s lacks a great deal of common sense for many things.

I also feel that sometimes this world works on either one side or the other of the spectrum. The total optimist or the total pessimist, which both can be quite annoying if truth be known because one will stick their head in the sand or ignore people needing compassion or understanding and stomp all over them with their bubbly optimism because they want to stay up at all cost (like the cheerleader from hell) or will see the dark in every single thing no matter how small the situation (no light ever…like the darkest caves of the world…complete and utter desperation)…Woof…I would like to reach a middle ground. A lot of good, some pondering and a good deal of questioning to help grow, and maybe the only just a few bad days if possible. But I would still like to be able to run the gamut, because no one human being is just the one thing. We are all intricate and beautiful in our own ways.

So I will still post about the best of what I can find. Find and explain ways I have and am finding to help myself grow and be happy as I have always done, but I will start to show my inner dialogue when stuff just doesn’t make sense to me and posting some of my personal opinions when I feel the need to.

Some you may agree with and some of you may not. And that is alright, you are your own human being with your own thoughts and opinions.

But this is my blog after all with all my thoughts and experience of my life. So I better be honest and true to myself. And I need to feel like more than just a happy cheerleader, I want to be real. I am here after all to learn and experience life. The good and the bad in my own way. Let’s face it, it’s not all about lollipops and white picket fences. It’s about some deeper stuff.

I will keep the blog name “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life” because I truly think that these are my constant goals and I think it’s not lying because even if you experiences down times or real moments, they only help you see how important it is to reach that happy healthy place.

And My Wealthy part has been a real eye opening thing for me, so no way I’m giving that up anytime soon.

After tomorrow’s post I may also only post two to three times a week having met my initial goal of a year writing Monday to Friday  every week as per the challenge I set for myself when starting this blog of which I’ll talk about tomorrow since it will be blog 365!

I hope that this blog helps others as it has helped me work through and share my thoughts and feelings on just about everything.

I am also very grateful to the almost 1400 subscribers that have been following my blog. Without all of you, I would be literally talking to myself. I still wonder at time if I am…LOL. I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far and that we can grow and interact together in the coming years!

I always knew that “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”. It took me longer to realize that “I Could Make My Wishes Come True” but coming true they are. And remember, you can do the very same!

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