Why I Will Never Talk Politics On My Blogs or YouTube Channel! Well Okay Maybe Just This Time…(Post 363)

I watched a YouTube personality ask other big YouTubers to vote towards one candidate yesterday because he did not think much of the other running mate. I’m being polite here.

Most of you will know why he did this and what I am talking about. But I’m not really here to talk about this. I saw another YouTuber say that he was voting for the lesser of two evils. Which in itself was kind of depressing to hear, but I feel his dilemma.

To tell the truth I feel a bit sorry for people across the border with what I consider to be a bit of circus atmosphere when it comes to these coming elections.

Being from Canada I have had my own dilemmas with politicians current and past.

However to go as far as to talk about it on my YouTube Channel, it will be a cold day in hell. There is but one MP in this world that ever helped my family personally and he is no longer in office. He personally pushed Employment Insurance to send us money they owed us after we had waited 8 weeks for something that had supposed to have taken 2 weeks when my husband had gone back to school and they had almost starved our family with their incompetence. With his help, we never had that problem again and we got money from them 2 days after getting in contact with his office.

This man and his staff looked out for the personal well-being of my family. For this I will always be grateful. If he ran for anything tomorrow, he would get my vote because he cared about us, he proved it. He even knew our names, and we are not celebrities. We were Jane and Joe Nobody.

Other than him, no politician has personally gone to bat for us. They pass policy and bills and rules that I can honestly say no one has ever called, emailed or asked me if I wanted any of these things. Not once.

They take my tax money and put it nowhere I would ever put it myself, and they send a cute little check of overages every couple of years of my money back to me and then I’m supposed to be grateful.

Every year they want more taxes and our overall debt keeps increasing. You’d think we’d be in the black by now with all the money they siphon from us every year.

When I see people going out of their way to make public statements (not just known YouTubers but the mass population) – example: someone like me – Jane Doe or Joe Schmoe) make a fool of themselves defending these people who couldn’t care less about you except for putting your X on the spot.

I wonder why they do it. Because they want their side to win? They want to be right?

When have any of these people ever made a promise they keep or put real value and/or food on your table? It’s usually charitable organizations or public citizens taking care of others.The only time they do is if there is a photo opp that helps their public image.But every day type of stuff. I don’t think so.

All they ever do is try to win you over with promises of spending your money on different things. If you prefer choice A over choice B. Then candidate A it is. But did candidate A ever make good on these promises? Where they ever fulfilled completely or were you left lacking?

I would defend my family and friends if needed because they mean something to me, but any bozo that just shows up on my TV set making promises they possibly could, might or not even come close to keeping. (See how I used politician talk here)

Why would I ever waste a minute of my energy helping these clowns?

Personally, I will be happy when politics no longer clog up my feed every day and that people stop arguing among each other and destroy friendships over politics. That is the real tragedy there.

So you have my promise that I will never put my views on politicians to commit social suicide on my YouTube Channel like some have in the last few days. It’s not because I can’t. It’s because I can’t be bothered to care enough about these people to give a damn. And I like my Channel way too much to ever talk about things I don’t personally think are important. People taking all they can who rarely give back are not important to me.

So let’s see just how much more mud they can sling at one another over the upcoming weeks and who else will put their heads on the chopping block to try to save someone who would probably sacrifice them if it meant they could get ahead!

Just think about it for minute, what do these people think of you? Oh wait, they don’t because they don’t even know your name. Yeah… makes all the sense in the world, don’t it?

Just take care of each other, that is what truly matters in the end.


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