Water Heaters and How You Can Save! (Post 359)

It’s all about the savings! If you can stop paying so much for everything, would you not do that?

If you are among the MINORITY who would like to find out how (because the MAJORITY just sit there waiting for someone to fix it), you have come to an excellent place.

Every day of every year, I work on ways to decrease our spending in a way that doesn’t hurt anything except the companies who were into robbing my wallet weekly/monthly.

My motto is: If I don’t have to pay for it, why would I?

So when you are done watching the cat throw the glass off the counter top (over 8,000,000 views), or stop complaining that you pay too much for everything without trying to do anything about it, you can finally decide to change that and start helping yourself have more cash for that dress or drink or holiday without having to put it on your credit card next time around. You can buy that crap outright! How about a stress free Christmas!

All you really need to do is type in a few things and open your eyes and pay attention enough to care. There is a ton of information on the subject, not just my videos and blogs, but others who try to do the same!

But my blogs are a great place to start. And here is my latest video on the subject! (11 views) as of 10/6/16 10:30am (talk about not being able to give stuff away). I should have maybe put a cat with a glass on top of the heater!


Hot Water Heaters are energy hogs when it comes to energy bills when you have an electric one. Now I didn’t mention on demand water heaters for the same reason I did not use the timers. The energy spike involved for electric ones are too demanding on the system and would not represent any savings. If you have propane or natural gas ones then it might be a different thing and I would do some research on this, but as of now, we have not done anything on this front because it’s not part of our set up. I leave it to you to do some ground work for this (if it is part of yours).

A last thought about the subject of this “for real” posting today. I had someone tell me that they don’t want to work at anything and just want to plug and play and that kind of mentality will have him paying $1080 a year as opposed to paying $0. Does this get your attention?

I will put it to you this way? What is the price of your laziness costing you? If you could save $1000 and do a little bit of work (I’m not talking marathons of work, but a little), wouldn’t it be worth it to try?

This has been an “In Your Face Presentation!”



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