What To Do When Dealing With The Peanut Gallery? (Post 357)

First of all, I would suggest ignoring the gallery as much as possible.

And never, ever take them seriously. Don’t do that to yourself. I can guarantee you will meet the most confounding people in the world. The ones that speak and you immediately think. WTH???  (That’s “What The Hell” if you are not familiar).

Then there are the ones that have those special personality quirks that just leave you out there. Example would be: Morose and ignoring one minute and chatty and engaging the next is one of my favorite types of personalities. With these people you never know if you are good or bad with them. I just ignore them when they ignore and speak when spoken to and that usually helps. That’s if I can’t just ignore them altogether.

You have your standard whiners. OMG these people just live to get on someone’s nerves. Examples: The older gentleman gumming his food while yelling about something or other that he is not getting or thinks he’s not getting. The person who always wants the best price for everything but spends his days screwing others out of their money. You know the complainers. The manipulators.

These peanut gallery people you can spot and identify for what they are, because they make themselves obvious.

But then there are the dangerous ones.

The ones who posts guru type crap that has not lived one day with any experience of what they are actually talking about. I call these people the ones looking for Followers (not just a Facebook term but in their lives). It’s alright to be positive but when you start telling people they are selfish because they want to change the bad. It’s time to get your head out of your butt and stop trying so hard to sound like the next Jim Jones. PUT DOWN THE KOOLAID PEOPLE. You should see the responses to these things. “omg you are so right!” “preach it brother”. GIVE ME A BREAK.

The one thing I have noticed is there is never a lack of blind followers for some of these new age gurus. They say “Jump” and others say “How High?”


Sorry but I watched Tony Robbins movie when he tells a woman to break up with a guy she had been dating and she does it on the phone because he basically told her to, after talking to him, she suddenly realized that he might not be the guy for her. (Note that after the day was over, she called the boyfriend back and they are still together…Come on now…people…WTH)

But life changing moments probably need more than a life coach and a room full of people to figure out completely. And just because one person tells you the problem does not mean you should not sit down with yourself and see if there may be more to the problem. Just saying…

It’s usually because in the beginning, someone says something good or smart and we just latch on to it, even when it becomes apparent that some of these people are not saviors, but have a good grasp of human nature and by that time, it’s already become too late.

Here is my rule. Try to ignore the real crazies. Then try to remember that every single one of us is a simple human being, with faults and most of the time some kind of emotional baggage.

Use your own head and don’t get lazy when it comes to gurus. Even if you admire someone, if you really take the time to listen and understand, you will most certainly not agree with every single thing someone says. But you have to be alert and not have become lazy as to just take everything someone says like a call to religion. Understand what they say, rationalize it once in a while to see if it still makes sense. If not, move on. Be grateful for the advice or opinions that you picked up. Take what you like and leave the rest.

As for the rest of the gumbies, just laugh and smile and forget about it. Do not let any amount of your energy be wasted on people who would never waste one single amount of time with you, ever.

I know it’s a bit of in your face post today. But I just get annoyed at the crap I see floating around me and once in a while have to give my two cents (when I should probably take my own advice and ignore it). Whether you agree or disagree is your choice.

Regardless of all of this, I wish you all a good day!




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