To The Awesome Hostess On The Weekend, Thanks! (Post 356)

In an ever constant and more rude world we live in, it’s nice to see someone who works in the public that actually takes the time to make sure the client doesn’t feel run over by rude customers.

By run over, here’s what I mean. As the years have advanced, I have noticed more and more people who just cut in front of you in line while cashiers, hostesses etc… just watch and don’t do a single thing. Not wanting to lose any customers, we are usually left to defend ourselves against people who might have or have not been thought common courtesy.

This weekend I went to a buffet style restaurant where you let the hostess know you were there and she would let you know when there was a place available. So we did so and just stood there waiting to be let in patiently.

I saw two men come in and cut in front of everyone waiting and passed by the hostess to which she looked straight up at them and said; “Where are you going?” I did not hear what they said, but I saw her point to everyone out behind them and say, “Did you not see everyone you passed waiting here?” She proceeded to ignore them and motioned to us to come forth so we could be seated.

I try to not let an ever increasing entitled and rude population get the best of me when they cut me off, run up in front of me to cut me off even, walk out in front of me or my car without looking like if they don’t see you or acknowledge you, you don’t really exist.  I notice people doing this more often and my thoughts on this is that they are incredibly ignorant. It’s a constant aggravation. I wish I could say it’s only the new generation, but it would be a lie and unfair so some younger people who I have seen show more decency than some people my own age.

And with such ignorance on the rise, it’s nice to see someone call people out when they do stuff like that and put them where they belong. I like to see others reminding people that the planet does not revolved around them and that if they lack the common courtesy to be kind by waiting their turn, they will be reminded in a very public way in front of everyone of their bad behavior.

We tend as a society in different parts to let such behavior slide because it’s more important to keep the peace. And I understand with all the issues there are today to deal with a simple situation such as this is probably not that important in the grand scheme of things. But sometime I like to think that if more people took the time to be thoughtful and kind, we might not have the bigger issues we have today.

We were quickly seated and the waitress who took over was attentive and kind like she was serving only us, not hundreds upon hundreds since this place was jammed packed.

The place was called “Le Buffet Des Continents” in Gatineau and I would recommend it to anyone who wants excellent service, decent staff and the  foods from different countries wasn’t too bad either.

Here is their website and they have different locations!

Le Buffet Des Continents



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