My New YouTube Weekly Vlogs! Saving Money – Hydro/Energy Bills (Post 354)

So sometime today or tomorrow I will be posting my first video on how to save on Energy!

It’s not a one video series, because we did many things to save on our energy cost. It was one of the first things we did to save on expenses every year.

Some are not for the faint of heart.

Are you ready to save money? Could saving money help with the holidays coming up? There is probably more ways you can save than you know!!

My first energy saving information that I give are about low flow shower heads.

Do you know what these are? I did not until I started looking for ways to save on my hot water, since everywhere I read, I found out that an electric hot water heater was the energy hog that takes the most in your home.

We played with the idea of changing our hot water heater because we could get a smaller one or one even that ran on propane but the propane heaters were priced right out to lunch and we had to take into consideration the factor of how much you pay to replace something with the cost as opposed as to how much you’ll save and if the two are actually worth it.

Example: if you save $200 a year by having a propane heater, but pay over $1500 for a new one. It would take almost 8 years to recuperate the money? Doesn’t sound so much like a savings to me.

For us it was not really an option as well because our heater was only about 6 years old at the time.

We could have changed it to a smaller one, but again, it did not need to be replaced. So how could we save on a 50 gallon water heater? Shut it off and start it only when we need it.

I read that this was not a good idea either because it might actually cost more to heat up the water from cold to hot rather than just having to warm it back up from a warmish state. The only thing was you could control the time it turned on which would save money, but would it be enough money saved if you included the price of a timer (the ones we looked at were a couple of hundred dollars) and the time it took to rewire everything. The reviews on it were not glowing and did we want to take a chance and spend if the savings didn’t end up being there.

It felt weird because we could not seem to find any real way of saving money on this stupid thing. And then we discovered the low flow shower head. It seemed like a very small thing to do, and might not even make a big difference, but we figured it would not hurt to try and it was cheap to replace.

At the store we realized that regular shower heads (the standard ones) did not always have the GPM’s (gallons per minute) written on the packaging. That is when I found out most shower heads have a 2.2 to 2.6 GPM rating.

My first shower head I bought was one that ran at 1.25 GPM from Niagara. I bought it online for a whopping $7 including taxes. When it arrived we quickly installed it and got in the shower wondering if we would be able to wash properly. Not only was it a great shower head, the pressure was fantastic. It makes the most low pressure system work at its very best, by restricting the water coming out, it creates some awesome pressure and rinses you off wonderfully because of it. You get the water you need to wash and rinse without having the whirlpool at your feet going down the drain.

Doing the math was the greatest revelation of it though.

If we all took 4 showers per week for the four of us and I was being conservative at the time since we all shower more. Having this shower head would save us over 20 gallons a day.

When we finally did the math, it saved us over 4000 gallons a year. That’s a lot of water that no longer needed to be heated up and going through the water pump as well. Better for conserving on water and also wear and tear on our system.

Suddenly that little $7 purchase was going to be somewhat of a windfall for us. And I have to say that it’s one of the best changes we could have done, for sure improving the expense we had for this.

We also put low flow aerators on the taps in the bathroom, to save when people wash their hands or brush their teeth.

Do you have low flow shower heads in your home? Have you done the math of how much you could save?

Look out for our video on our “Decade to Freedom” channel from YouTube. I’ll show you exactly how we got to our savings!! And subscribe to see new ones each week!!

And I also have an e-book out about this! Just click below! It has all the things we did to save on our energy bills!!





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