The Trick Is To Book Your Calendar Ahead Of Time! (Post 351)

Having gone and spent some time at the Art Tour this weekend (having met and interviewed 3 of the artists) at a locale near my home, and discovered the history of the Old Jail we toured (bonus thing completely took us by surprise), I discovered that there are things you can do to explore every weekend if you like.

All you have to do is to organize it ahead of time. It cost $5 per person for the Art Tour which is a drive you can make to visit local artists at different locations. This one is done for the season, but you can check them out on Facebook for any future dates.

I will be posting the interviews of the artist at a later date on my YouTube Channel.

I actually found out that there is an exposition of art that can be viewed for free at a building that I didn’t even know was used for such things in the upcoming weekend, near a bridge and waterway we love to visit quite often. It’s funny how when you do research you can find some hidden treasures that have sometimes been hiding right under your nose or in plain sight.

So I have actually reserved 2 places (free of charge— and we all know what I think of FREE—Free is GOOD) to visit this place next Saturday, and the weekend after that we have a long weekend celebrating Thanksgiving (Canada).

The weekend after that we are celebrating our wedding anniversary in Montreal for a small day getaway for two, with a train ride there and back.

And the weekend after I was looking at a Corn Maze you can visit at night for about $25 for two which includes a wagon ride. There is nothing quite like a Fall Wagon Ride.

So I have 4 weekends planned ahead of time and I am very happy with this. It’s nothing too drastic if we suddenly have to bail out. Even the Montreal trip as a reschedule or cancel clause in it.


I got this from this website (minus the Anniversary Trip): Tourism Prescott-Russell if anyone is interested, you can check it out here.

Tourism Prescott-Russell Calendar October

You can pick the dates and see what’s going on. It’s going in my bookmarks for the future so I can check out the local action.

How are you months shaping up? Are there seasonal events you like to attend?



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