Letter About Strength (Post 350)

To all you strong people out there, this One is For You! From a fellow Foundation!



I am that boring base at the bottom of your house.

I am the brick/cement/rock foundation that is very necessary, but ignored once built.

I’ve been up for a long time holding up this home, and protecting everyone and everything from the elements, holding the weight of this structure while keeping you safe and secure quietly without you knowing most times of the harrowing and nastiness I put up with. I am strong so I do these things quietly. I feel the heaviness of the building above me, the stinging of the weather, the pooling cold at my feet, but stay where I am because that is my purpose.

The one who made me did not make me of beauty, he made me of strength, and if he paid close attention he made sure I would never fail the rest of what and who I am supporting.

No one worries about the wear at the edges of my walls that probably needed some caring over the years or the fact that I am a boring color easily ignored.

The money and care has always been spent on the material above me changing color, structure or re-invention. Beautifying, improving and getting the TLC because of their damaged demanding and/or out of date need for attention.

I know however, that underneath all those pretty colors remains the same rotting wood that’s been rotting there since the beginning of the build and that one day regardless of what they did to cover it up, the walls will crumble or burn or get destroyed, and my structure will be the only one that they will still be able to see sticking out from the ground as passing cars stare at my out of place monument. Permanently strong and resilient, that gray stump without walls.

I am timeless. I am made of the same stuff that the oldest homes are made of, when strength was beauty. The ones who still stand tall today as people stand in awe of the endurance and magnificence.

As the house above us moves and settles, we are expected to put up with the changes and remain strong without fail.

We are passed over more times than not and only get very little attention because of our strength, so much so that if some of us develop a crack from everyone shifting on us, it is sometimes ignored until it is too late to fix as we crumble from neglect or we are simply patched up quickly only to be forgotten again. We are expected to never fail regardless of the reason why we might have. And for that reason some of us fail so badly that we are condemned and end up destroyed permanently.

We are the grounded, the ones most connected to this beautiful planet because we are always in touch with it and from it.

Our structure dates back forever, all you have to do is to see the intricate beauty of the designs in the oldest stone buildings or castles, which were never made of these cheap and fake plastics as so many are made of today. We may not all have those intricate designs anymore or even height in structure, but are made of the same material and offer the same dependability that has withstood the test of time. There is unseen beauty in a technique that has survived for centuries.

We don’t need much, but more than what is usually offered.

So if you are lucky enough to have an old one of us and notice a spot that needs support, be in awe, help us out, we have probably shouldered more than you will even know or pretend to.

For we are the support, and we take our life task seriously.


Your Foundation

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