First Day Of Autumn! (Post 349)

Fall is my favorite season!

Why? Because of the way the light appears in the sky, a very lazy sun color, feels very warm and fallish (yes Mr. Spellcheck I made that word up and I don’t care if you underline it, it’s staying!!)

The fall foliage of course and the cooler weather are also a great thing. This is from last years colors in my yard!! LOVE!!

AddTextToPhoto(13-10-2015 1-35-43)

The only problem with beautiful autumn is that it precedes winter. Like a lazy Sunday followed by nasty Monday morning, it represents a long season of which I no longer appreciate.

Even the first snowfall does not entice me anymore since it usually shows up after the Christmas holiday giving us a green background, to only then show up with a vengeance in January just about the time everyone is ready for Spring again!

It’s not a secret at this point that money will be diverted to our last big debt and no shortage of expenses, such as cars, drivers courses, new winter tires and soon wood burning for the fire keep popping up to slow us down. Even our sinking fund can’t seem to keep up.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that we can still be debt free sometime in 2017, so it’s important to me to make the best out of this last winter which ensures we will be pretty much bound to live it here without taking a warm weather holiday (at least that is the disappointment I am making myself live with as of now, it could change if an awesome deal shows up), and since the Farmer’s Almanac (the bible for weather around here) predicted quite a bit of snow starting in November this year.

I guess now is as good a time as any to make some plans on how to figure out right now how we will make the best of this winter and our debt diet of 2017.

It isn’t so much the snow that bothers me in this area; it’s the lack of sun. So I guess the thing to do would be to go outside and catch the rays when they appear.

As Canadians, even in summer some of us don’t get enough sun. We are stuck indoors as the sun rises and sets on our days while we look up at florescent lighting. It’s time to get up and find the sun again. That is what breaks are for.

Second, it would important to plan some outings and stay in activities on the not so good days. Since driving in some weather can be quite nerve wracking in some situations.

For outings, plan a few overnights to give yourself a break this winter. Changing scenery can also involve changing the four walls you look at every day.  Make some long weekends feel like you are on a all paid mini break.

Look at the months ahead and try to plan forward in time what you could be doing. Take care of January, February and March which tend to be the hardest months after the holidays to get through, in this area usually.

Take a close look at the weather as in monitor it and plan according to it. Find some great indoor if not different things to do on the bad days. Like a romantic candle floor picnics no electronics kind of day!

There are some great deals usually in the area during winter months, so you can look around to find some for your overnight stays. All this research can be done online.

Remember there are towns beside you or even a few hours away that you probably have not discovered yet! Find the gems and pretend you are from another country. Google search them and then do some research.

For now, we should have a great couple of months of fall and the best you could possibly do is ride around, take in the sunny days and fall colors and slip into the lazy mood which is fall!!

Do you have big plans for this fall & winter. If you do, don’t be shy and share them!



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