My Giving Neighbor! (Post 348)

Again with chocolates in hand, the neighbor came around and gave me some as he ambushed me the same way he did last year.

You know the ones they sell for school funds.  Although I tried to tell him to not give them to me, the same way I mentioned it last year, this year I stared as his young son’s reaction taking in what was going on, and realized the bigger importance of him just giving a neighbor some chocolate bars.

He is teaching his child that you can be kind to someone without wanting any single thing in return. That you can give in the spirit of giving. Not because they deserve it or not, sometimes just because you want to and can.

We live in a society where everyone expects something for nothing and we inadvertently  teach our children by the example we show them. I have been guilty of this as well.

That young man saw the smile on his Dad’s face. The look of gratitude from me and the smile on my face. Whether he realizes it or not, he will probably look back on this memory in years later and realize just how wonderful a man his Dad really was.

He is watching his father give of himself being kind to people he hardly knows. We don’t speak lots to the neighbors…I know we should, but in our busy world it just doesn’t happen a lot.

I found myself suddenly wanting to go back in time and try to do the same in front of my kids, to give them that beautiful example that giving is so much better than receiving.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some pretty awesome kids. They love and give of themselves pretty freely. I would not call them greedy, not even close, but I wish I had done that more to further show how wonderful this world would be if we just concentrated on kindness instead of greed. On giving instead of taking, without expectations, without caring of what you might get back. To just do it because You Can and You Want To Even Need To. Regardless of what it looks like. Not done for appearance, not done because they are poor or needy. It’s just done because it’s part of your personality and lifestyle. Done everyday for your sharing pleasure.

I committed to do acts of Kindness in the next twenty days because I felt people where not feeling kind or nice. I wanted to change the mood in my direct circle. I realize that maybe I could try and integrate it into my life, just because it could be the answer to many things. They do say you get what you give. I never realized that I would be the recipient of kindness myself the very day after that post.

I am grateful. I will continue to work on this for myself. I think there is real stuff there to be learnt, probably the most important of things to know and practice daily!

I wish you all a happy and kind day!




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