Set Goals And Keep Them! (Post 345)

At 365 posts I will have reached my personal goal, but I will speak on that the day I get there in about a month’s time! For some of you who read me daily, you‘ll already know what I am talking about.

But for now I’ll talk about any goals that you set for yourself. Write them down if you need to. Or just jot one down, once a week to work on getting it done. You can work on a few at a time. As long as you don’t lose track of them by setting too many.

Try to set yourself a nice comfortable pace, without over scheduling your day.

My next goal is to get my son to go do his driving test so we can then start saving up for his first new/used car so he can finally start thinking about joining the rat race and living his own life. He’s kinda stuck on a holiday because we are in a rural area without much going on.

After those two goals, I will be concentrating on my last bill repayment and hope that I can keep at it until the next challenge/goal presents itself.

I still have the one to clear my home of clutter that I pick back up every couple of weeks and throw out or give away a new bag of stuff!

And of course there is my daily blog and now YouTube channel which I take very seriously because I love doing these things.

As much as I wish I had nothing to do some days (and hey I take breaks when needed), it’s actually a lie. Having goals to accomplish is the thing that keeps us going in life. Giving us a purpose, and keeping us moving forward instead of stagnating in one area.

We need direction and something to do to keep ourselves busy and feeling accomplished. It’s much better if “what” you are trying to accomplish helps everyone.

Setting my son up will help him begin his journey and I am happy with this and for him. Paying off debt will relieve stress from both my husband and myself, so we can find financial peace.

Investing in my blog and channel may afford some funds at one point or at least a few dollars that should help with expenses in our not so extravagant lifestyle in the near future, and get to the point where I feel like I am doing what I believe I was meant to do with my life. And that’s all thanks to technology that will afford me the privilege to do what would have been harder to accomplish 25 to 30 years ago.

This would be me investing in a new job, which I’ve always wanted.

We also live in a world that needs so much help that I don’t believe anyone can ever really run out of things to do. If you are bored, just read a newspaper or check out where the world needs assistance and you’ll see there is plenty to do if you just look.

I find the more I care about others and planning to contribute to their happiness, the less I worry about my own little stuff, or aches and pains even.

That and having a routine can greatly help on days where you don’t feel so great. I know with recurring pain, it’s sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane in my head is by having something to do every day! Something to keep me going!

So go ahead and set yourself up with a few goals that will make you feel good! They don’t have to be huge to begin with. They only need to give you a sense of accomplishment. And accomplished human is one that believes in themselves and their dreams.



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