Debt Free Charts That Are Fun!

It’s a quick one today.

But a good one.

You know how I always talk about staying motivated while paying off debt. Here is one for you.

Click on Pic Or This Link to Purchase

With the renewed craze of coloring. How about coloring in every time you lose more debt.

Here are some crazy charts that I found online. They are fine and I will give this website a plug. The best part is that you can get these templates for free. Just click on the link below and there is a list you can pick from.


Print them out. Put your amounts beside the chart and let the coloring begin. There is no wrong or right way of doing it.

They even have charts to save up for a car or truck or even a vacation. The sinking funds I was talking about yesterday!


Give yourself a boost, every time your chart loses money owed, color it in! When it’s all colored in, guess what? You are done! Out of whatever debt you were trying to get rid of.

Debt too big? Make milestones and do it on several pages.

The idea here is to keep you motivated!

Click on Pic or This Link To Purchase Workbook

So go visit Heidi and support a fellow blogger who offers such a great idea for our use! Get yours here! and start having fun paying off your debt!



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