Believe In Your Dreams!! (Post 342)

The funny part of this daily blog is that I am writing this as much for me as for anyone who might need to hear it today.In the last few days, my Facebook Page has suffered a few losses as in followers (up to 4 in one day which I have not suffered before), and more than I can remember losing at one time, and even my YouTube Channel has lost 1 subscriber and that is a lot when you only have about 20.

For a moment, I felt a bit discouraged and then I remembered the reason why I do this?

We get caught up sometimes with the popularity contest that is constantly being shown to us in life and social media and although getting views helps people who are like minded follow their journeys and helps with future funding of your works by advertisers, it’s important to remember the real reason we do this.

We do it because we finally as writers, artist have a place to showcase our talents and aspirations. We can do the fun stuff we were meant to do. The stuff that inspires us to be the people we were always meant to be.

I have never been more fulfilled or happier since I have started showcasing what I love to do. I have noticed so much more around me and like to think I have improved my way of living just in the simple way I think now.

I still have my ups and downs but I am trying to feel my way around. It’s funny, but I used to think everyone else was more important than me in life.

The superstar on TV was so special and I was just a lowly average kid with thick thighs and crooked teeth. And sometimes trolls such a the one I encountered a few weeks back make sure I go back to that place momentarily of feeling less than average, but really when I look at others doing what I am doing, I notice that they are just people, just humans walking the Earth. They don’t have any superpowers. But they do have talent.

I realized at some point that I was just as special as anyone else and I am allowed to have my dreams and believe they will come true. I can think I’m all that and a bag of chips and more importantly, I can have a great time doing what I love.

I have done a lot of hard work in making my world the way I want it to be. I can change it and do what I want in this world and that there are new avenues every day happening to help me on my journey.

And that a few people walking away from me, trying to discourage me will not deter or change my mind on what I want in my life.

I can only be happy and grateful in the end for the luck I have had to feel this kind of confidence in my life and working hard for my dreams and the road I am on.

So I confirmed with a few that nothing weird was happening with my sites and then I just let it be, because in the end, all that matters is that I love what I do.

Do you love what you do? Is it enough just in itself to bring you happiness?

Here’s the latest video from Our YouTube Channel! I love this video and am finally looking forward to making some more just like this!! It’s just so much fun. Hope you enjoy it and the information and content!! If you do, please subscribe to our channel by clicking on this link!


Our Channel! A Decade To Freedom!

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