What Do I Do Now? What To Do When You Experience A Debt Repayment Set-Back! (Post 341)

It happens. You are doing well and suddenly, your car is done, finished. You were hoping it would last longer, but it just didn’t.

You have $1000 emergency fund put aside, but if you want a vehicle that will actually run, you will need to triple that and that’s being conservative and really looking for a great deal.

So now you just went back a few steps. Our step was $2400 backwards not including the emergency fund. So I took the $1000 and put the rest on my credit card.

To tell you how hard it was to use that thing, now that I paid it off and I know how long it took to pay it off, was just a really sad thing for me to use it again.

And now instead of having just my credit line to pay down, I suddenly have an amount on my credit card again.


What do you do? Well, as much as I didn’t want to see my credit line amount go back up, I finally gave in and paid the amount off from my credit line to my credit card and now am back to only one revolving debt payment.

I am trying to keep positive and to forgive myself and promise to be good and keep at it. Why? Because it’s important that I do so. It’s important that I realize that even if sometimes these kinds of things happen, I need to take a step back and realize that it’s not the drama it once was. It will be a month and half set back.

It can be depressing if you are on a schedule and you have so many more months of payback and now an extra one because of this event, but if you take it one week at a time and keep your head up, hopefully you will eventually move forward. You just have to keep at it.

One thing that helps me quite a bit is to review how far we have come.

Also, I try to make big money transfers just before I get paid, so when I make an paycheck payment, it feels a little less like a failure. Example, I moved $2300 to my credit card from my credit line a day before I paid another $850 that I put on my credit line, so now I’m only behind $1450. And the amount seems less like a failure when I look at it. See what I mean.

It’s just a trick for your mind, but sometimes you need such things to keep you motivated.

And my motto is whatever works, you should do. If you are saving and it makes you feel good while keeping you on track, then go ahead and do it.  If tricks and happy thoughts do it, then do it!

Just don’t give up! Don’t quit! Never forget how good you’ve been and how far you have gotten.

I know I talk a lot about finances, but this can be applied to any personal goals you have put forth for yourself.

And the one thing you must never ever do is listen to that fallback position voice in your head. The one that reminds you that you were always set to fail. When it comes around when something happens, just give it the boot as quickly as you can and continue on your path to success. We are way too susceptible to those voices and need to be kinder to ourselves.

Life is imperfections and sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it just is what it is. The more quickly you put it aside and move forward the faster you can start making steps forward to what you need to be doing.

And if all of this fails to make you feel better, sometimes a good rest of the mind and body is in order. Find a spot where you can rest and enjoy some down time. Put these things aside for a minute and give yourself a break. Sometimes it’s all you need to feel refreshed and catch your second wind.

Tomorrow’s blog! Believe in Your Dreams!







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