Creative Ways To Distract Yourself On Bad Days! (Post 340)

There are many ways to distract yourself, unfortunately the easiest ones are the ones being advertised and not necessarily good for you.

They are usually not good for your wallet either.

Boozing is bad for your liver and can be very expensive if you get addicted, no matter what you may think otherwise. And as relaxing as it may seem, way too much can seriously reduce your life span.

Smoking anything is the same.

Shopping or retail therapy as they call it can leave you quite literally in the poor house. Especially when it’s shopping for grown up toys like a new pool, camper, motorcycle, etc….

Everyone puts these things on payments that last an eternity. Usually a lot longer than the high of getting the new shiny thing.

And it’s some very impressive ways of bringing more stress to your life.

In one of my blogs this week, I mentioned there are other ways to distract yourself to help your mood.

You can go spend and go out, but do it without breaking the budget.

Pack a lunch and find a beach if you are in the glory of summer. Change the scenery, change your mind. I paid $12 dollars last week to spend 3 hours on the beach enjoying the sun with hubby. Some can be even cheaper.

You can re-organize some part of your home to make a special space for crafts or hobbies, etc…. Try using stuff you already have in the house. If you need to, you can spruce up and paint but again, keep it within your budget. Making a room new again can break the mood you are in.

Dust off some old gaming cards and google new games to play with your family. Even if they groan at you at first, you might just find you end up enjoying yourselves.

Plan a nice meal, look up something special to make and invite friends over to share it. A nice bottle of wine and yummy meat balls with homemade gravy is sure to uplift your mood.

Fix something you have been putting off. It will give you a sense of accomplishment when you are done and change your mind.

Listen to music. Not sad music, uplifting tunes that bring a smile to your face. That bring back a good memory. I like to listen to my record collection and drift off to another time.

Grow a garden, invest your time in the planet.


Volunteer your time. Nothing better at making you feel better than to help others who need it.

There are no shortage of things you could be doing to help yourself out of a funk. Just make sure you are doing something that will improve your situation, not worsen it.

What do you do to keep your spirits up on a bad day?

Monday’s Blog! What To Do When You Experience A Set Back In Your Debt Repayment Plans!



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