Why I Am Not A Minimalist! (Post 339)

When we started saving money on our bills, and started getting rid or clutter, I started watching many YouTube videos on different subjects regarding the art of less.

I came upon many videos on minimalism. Some seem to be promoting getting rid of everything except the bare minimum of what you need. Some say that it’s a personal thing.

I like the fact that people are decluttering their lives and getting rid of stuff and junk. If you watched any episodes of “Hoarders” you will know that the accumulation of junk in this world is at an all-time high and getting to be quite the emotional problem! Personally, I think these people find themselves very scared and alone and insecure about the world we live in and are surrounded with so they surround themselves with stuff to try and feel secure.

But as I watched, I noticed a trend to also go the other way. Where people are starting to count the items they have and are competing with others of the amount of items they have. Under a hundred, thirty items, etc… I do believe that some of these people may have commitment issues and want to feel free at any cost, not being burdened by anything to make sure they can just keep moving.

I think that both have issues with their perceptions, but its OK. Just not for me.

It seems some of us cannot do anything middle of the road. We hoard our world full of junk or sit around wearing the same t-shirt 7 days a week.


While it would seem that I am going in the direction of minimalism, I will never call myself a minimalism except maybe for having the least amount of expenses (there I am definitely shooting for that) and I certainly want to “hoard” my money.

First of all, I find it annoying that every movement needs a name. We seem to need a name to identify every situation. Why can’t we just live happy, but I guess that is a name as well.

Now I am not saying that I am not going to decrease my junk. Most definitely, I do every day. I just gave away another 5 bags of junk. I emptied an entire piece of furniture of its contents and it’s completely empty.

I am starting to have more storage containers than I know what to do with. Did I get rid of everything? Absolutely not! I looked at the stuff I went through on the weekend and what I kept, and I still think I have way too much, but at least I started clearing out. I can always revisit in 6 months and see if I am truly happy with the contents I kept.

I just realized that I had too much stuff. Too many clothes, too much junk lying around the house collecting dust.

Start doing your laundry manually and you’ll realize just how much unwanted clothes you have. Necessity of doing work for nothing propelled me to clean out my spaces for clothes.

The other reason I wanted to clear stuff out is cleaning. Ever spend your free time cleaning one thing after another. Ever think of why you are cleaning stuff that you hardly look at or use?

Yeah I hate cleaning, it’s not my idea of happiness. I don’t get any thrill out of it at all. I have to work full time and then spend my precious off time doing chores. Hmmm No.

So for that reason as well, I am trying to clear things out that I have only what I need so I spend even less time cleaning.

And cleaning an empty room is much easier than having to work around junk.

So I will not call myself a minimalist, I will call myself an opportunist first. Anything that can give me an advantage over cleaning is a good thing.

More free time.

And as all things, it’s a work in progress since it took time to accumulate all this junk. Some I have personal sentimental attachments to and sometimes it just takes a shift in perception to realize that all I need is a reminder such as a picture and not the actual thing to remind me that I loved this item or the emotion it brought out in me.

So I am not a minimalist. I am a person who is shedding the material to let other more important things come in.

Like understanding, forgiveness of self, profound love, time to reflect and comprehend and mostly to enjoy my spaces.

Tomorrow’s posting will be “Creative Hobbies and Habits That Can Help You On Bad Days”.





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