Feeling Low? Concentrate On The Stuff That Gives You A Boost! (Post 338)

We all have days where we feel less than happy. It happens to even me! I know it’s hard to tell by reading my blogs! I keep it all up and such, but there are days that I would just rather sit and cry.

Just sit and feel sorry for myself. When I feel unloved and unappreciated, even criticized, ridiculed and ignored. Proving me wrong, stop listening to me when I start to speak, to always feel like I want too much when I have nothing to prove that I demand all that much.

I have the moments where I could sit and wallow in the pain and sadness of it all, and then I tell myself I could deal with it by going after the situations/people that make me feel that pain. But to tell the truth, I would probably end up alone.

So what do I do?

I find something that makes me happy and hold on to it.

Some people get destructive when they feel this, I have come to realize that addicts of all types are either unhappy or bored with their situations and look for a new high. A way to run away from the feelings and it’s a good way to fight the lows. The only problem is that if you find a hobby that destroys your life (such as drinking, gambling, shopping), it’s really not helping you at all. There are healthier ways of trying to change the way you feel.

I can make a post on healthier options to help give you a lift in a way that won’t destroy your wallet or friendships.

My addiction is organization. Although it could be a problem if you go crazy in that department, I like to think I have tempered it in a way that I won’t go overboard. It’s a way to control a situation or feeling you can’t control. Like anything else, if that control gets away from you, it could be destructive in making others lives miserable.

Example would be working yourself to exhaustion because you are getting obsessed with it.

I like to take a part of my home, a corner even and take the clutter out and make it clear and clean. I feel better because I have accomplished something. I made that environment a nicer breathable one. I start to feel better. Even if the entire area is not clear, at least that one corner is now clean and I did that.

When someone contributes to it, it makes me feel better. Whenever I organize anything and finish it to completion I feel I have improved my direct situation. It’s a win win for me. It’s good in any way where I organize our bills or our home etc. Something else if looking or running smoother.

What makes you feel better? Do you consider it a good or bad thing? Is it constructive or destructive?

Hope you stick around for my blog tomorrow. I AM NOT A MINIMALIST!

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