Grocery Shopping and Why I Hate It! (Post 337)

If you are someone like me who just despises grocery shopping then this is the blog post for you!

If you are for taking a big conglomerate company down like Walmart, maybe not.

I am all for shopping local like fresh veggies and stuff like that, but we usually get the bulk of our stuff at places such as Walmart or Food Basic or Independence.

Shopping local sometimes cost a lot more and takes more time since one place does have all you need for food of which I have less of because I work full time and don’t have wads of cash hanging around. Maybe later when I no longer work long work weeks but for now, saving time and money is priority on my radar.

If that insults you, then you will be insulted.

I hate taking any time at all grocery shopping. The leaving to go the local store (mine is anywhere between 10 minutes to 25 minutes depending on where I am going).

Finding the parking spot, sometimes you are in luck, sometimes not.

Then you go in and play the game of try to avoid a million people who have their own agenda and inconsiderate people who just walk in front of you cutting you off every 2 seconds like brain dead patients who have forgotten where they are and that you are pushing a huge cart and 300 pounds right in front of them that could probably kill them.

Get your head out of your phone and stop flipping your hair, you ARE NOT A KARDASHIAN. But anyways, I’m getting off topic here.

Then there are the people who do their weekly social of chit chatting in the aisles with not a single clue that they are causing a huge traffic jam each way.

The people you kindly try to get out of your way, by asking kindly for them to move, until you have asked 3 times and are now screaming to tell them to get the hell out of your way.

The faces that they give you like you have suddenly appeared in front of them and not just been repeatedly asking them to move is beyond my comprehension.

Then after you have finished your 20, 30, 40, 50 minute trek through the store, you have to go the cashier with no smile who shoves your stuff in a bag, if they even bag your groceries (if they don’t they end up just rushing the heck out of you to pass the other 1000 people behind you) and then lug everything out of the store and put it in your car.

And even if you take a list with you, you usually end up buying twice of what you were originally there for. You are grazing in the aisles and end up with twice the junk and the bill you had anticipated.

I personally hate the waste of time doing it, the interaction with zombie people or over social ones (they are equally aggravating to me).

You leave the store in a murderous rage and you have just spent a better part of your day doing the most repetitive mundane task I can imagine.

I consider grocery shopping the bane of my existence and would rather drill a screw in my brain repeatedly if it meant I never had to do it again.


Just recently, the local Walmart introduced, grocery pick up.

So here’s how it goes. You make an order online of more than 50 dollars, you pick a time for pick up.

You place your order and pay it and then schedule a pick up  time (they give you choices of 2 hour windows).

On the day of your choosing, you park in the assigned places for pick up. There are spaces assigned just for people such as you.

You call the number on the sign of the parking, let them know you have arrived by giving your name and give them the parking number spot.

Minutes later a gentleman/lady comes out with a roll cart and delivers the groceries to your car. They even help you unload it and put it in your vehicle. And in my area, they charge me $3 to do it.


Now there are few things to keep in mind. Knowing the grocery store as we do, we have realized that some of things we buy are not available online. So they don’t have every single thing in the store online yet. I’m thinking that as it reaches a more popular level, the items might get added and more will be made more available.

For now I am completely alright with finding alternatives on their site.

Another minus I can find here is the method of payment. From what I can tell, there is no option for Debit or PayPal, so you do require a major credit card or one of theirs to pay your order. I usually just pay with my credit card and pay it back from my debit. No problem.

Might be good for someone collecting points on some cards out there.

If you have a budget to keep, the tally or cart shows you what you are at.  So you can keep it close. You get to shop for what you need for your week and can plan menus since you have lists of things you need. You find the chicken, potatoe, veggie and put it in your cart. Voila, one meal done.

I am still getting used to it and today will be my second time going to pick up my groceries.

I have not checked if other stores do the same thing yet, but I sure hope they adopt this system with other places, because I sure enjoy it.

Saving people time by doing this seems to be the best thing since sliced bread for me.

My shopping is done within minutes and then the rest of my free time is for just that. Free time, not shopping time. Not annoying people time. Just my time.

The more I live in this new world. The better it suits me.

So what do you think of this method. Have you tried something like this and what was your experience with it?

Let me know below!



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  1. Jane, I believe that the service is provided at Loblaws as well. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about the whole puck up process. Finding time anywhere you can to do the things you enjoy is a plus in my books ☺️


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