When Unpredictable Sh!t Happens! (post 335)

We are still at the point of juggling our last debt and unpredictable crap.

Yes it’s good to have an emergency fund. The only problem is when you need $3000 and your emergency fund is only $1000. What do you do?

Well first you get a bit discouraged, because that means you will be taking a few steps back.

Then you count your blessings that it’s not as bad as it could have been. And that $3000 is no longer the hurdle it once was.

In the past, we would have been trying to find the funds, even in the credit cards (that used to be maxed out) to make something happen.

I was not a choice of only spending $3000 but a sudden necessity. Truth is, we probably would have been stuck with monthly payments for 5/6/8 years as we have done in the past, even talked ourselves into a more expensive car, because it would have been a more manageable way to do things. Now we can do a few grand without having payments and tons of interests for years. And in another month we will again not owe any money on any vehicles. If I pay off my cc in a months time, it means that I did not pay any interest on that amount, as opposed to whatever interest rate the car dealership would have charged me.

Not to mention if felt really good being able to pay a vehicle outright and have it done after 10 minutes. In less than an hour we had paid the car and made an appointment to go pick it up this week.

We are at a point where our debt is getting paid off right? Yes it is.  You have all your available funds going into the kitty to get rid of it. You are on the home stretch of your revolving credit circle of pain (that is what I call it).

Yes, you suddenly have a hurdle in the road. A big ole tree fell down and you have to slow down to take care of it, push it aside or chop it up to get it manageable to remove. Will it slow you down for months? Nope, a few weeks maybe at best.

And then you are off and running off to the races again.

You know this happens. It’s part of life and the twist and turns that come with it. Things we rely on don’t always last and then we have to replace them or fix them. And that is usually unfortunately not free of cost.

So this month, we got a glitch of around $2000 that needed to be taken care of. Are we going to feel defeated? I don’t think so. I will simply try to get it paid off as quickly as I can. And stay on course. After paying over $20,000 this year in debt, I think we can say that we have been very successful so far and it has not even been a year yet.

And hopefully if we can keep other cost down and nothing else goes too off course, we can finish paying debt, and then the money we get will free up to make lump sum payments on the mortgage or in investments or buy new/used cars if the occasion arises.

So I will call this “a life remains good” section. Even when it doesn’t exactly go as it should.

Best part of this new/used car. We have spare parts with the old car. One is a Chev and the other is a Suzuki, but that is where the differences end (they are basically the same car). Top one is the old girl with lots of mileage who just couldn’t pass her emissions tests with a failed gas pump (she still lasted us 8 years when she was 4 years old)  and below is the runner up who will step up to the plate to get us going again. Here’s hoping we can get a few years out of her. And she is a pretty blue!!


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