Top Reasons Saying Thank You Is Good For Everyone! (334)

As a Canadian, we have been accused of saying “I’m sorry” a lot, but did you know that we are more likely to say “Thank You” a lot more. Almost twice as much according to the Huffington Post.

Why is Thank You so good for you?

Here are a few reasons it would be beneficial.

  1. It embodies an attitude of gratitude. Thank you means you are grateful for something that someone did for you or someone else. It sends a good feeling message of “hey I appreciate what you have just done there”.
  2. Being grateful is good for your heart and why would it not be. It puts you in a rhythm of happy even being believed to lower inflammation.
  3. Saying an actual Thank You to someone reconnects us physically to each other. Especially if you do it face to face. It opens up a line of communication that is more overlooked now more than ever with the age of technology.
  4. You make others feel good by saying it. You make them feel validated and appreciated, which in turn can cause a domino effect in the most positive way to everyone involved with that person for the rest of that day.
  5. It is polite and shows your best side. And after all, isn’t that enough?

So take the opportunity to say thank you whenever you can. It will benefit you and everyone around you!

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