How To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally!

After watching a segment about the biggest loser and it’s contestants and their metabolism of people who are of wide girth, an explanation has come up that finally has helped explain why all those crash diets I have done over the course of time have never ended well.I am by no means downplaying the lack of eating healthy foods or the lack of movement in this society since we have taken a sit down position for most things, but after seeing the segment, I finally understood my lifelong struggle with weight and why.

The testing showed that losing weight in some people actually slowed down your metabolism even more than before.

So all those years that I fought to lose weight with a lot of trouble only to put it back on plus 20 pounds more finally reveals the reasons why, and why it’s so discouraging for most of us and so hard to lose the weight.

Your already slow metabolism does not speed up when you lose weight quickly; it actually does the exact opposite. So you need to lower your calories even more than before you did the diet just to maintain what you have lost.

Of all the contestants who were on the show, the one that has kept the weight off has been noted as saying that she is hungry all the time and has to eat less than 600 calories a day just to keep it off and even then she is failing.

So is going on a massive diet the way to help yourself? Probably not, you may just be doing your body a great disservice by putting it in a starvation mode.

A monitoring of the food you put in and activity are your best bets. But I can still hear some of you like me who have tried that with not much success. The battle is constant, a lot more than for the people who can maintain a normal weight without much work.

Yes I understand your frustration. I have shared it. So I decided to turn to get some help from the planet. If my body has a hard time speeding up to help burn the food I consume, maybe I should help it along with the food that I ingest.

Here are some herbs that might help rev up your body to burn off your calories more efficiently. This may be a lifelong change to help your body, but some of these are actually yummy and may not be hard to add to your everyday food.

Any little bit helps right.

  1. Ginseng is a natural energy booster. More energy, more movement and more movement means more calories burned.
  2. Cayenne Pepper. Like the heat in food, this wonderful fat buster will help you while flavoring your food.
  3. Cinnamon. By helping regulate your blood sugar, it can help with weight loss as well since they pretty much go hand in hand.
  4. Mustard Seed. Mustard seeds have been shown to boost your metabolism by 25 percent with as little as more than half a teaspoon. Worth looking into.
  5. Turmeric.This wonder spice is good for inflammation, diabetes and now with weight loss.
  6. Ginger. Good for soothing an intestinal tract and for anti-inflammatory properties, it’s been hinted that it may be an appetite suppressant.


My goal for this year is less based on the size of my body but more on the movement. A body does much better when it’s kept moving. It keeps everything moving along and organs in a healthier state. Digestion benefits greatly from movement. With elastic rubber bands all over my body binding my insides and organs together, it’s important to pick the right movement which will probably involve more yoga-ish movements to help my body with it’s functions and stretch out to help with function.

Did you know that health has more to do with movement and healthy food than actual weight?

Even if someone is not overweight, they are not automatically healthy. I’ve known many skinny people who eat very poorly and don’t move at all. I would never emulate them as an example.  A lifestyle dictates whether or not you are healthy by the way you eat and move and not by a dress size. And I would put money on that!







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