Is What You Are Dreaming About Really What You Want?

Ever find yourself looking out the window dreaming of the day you will be able to just stand out there and look at the day and enjoy it without work getting in your way?Why can’t you just enjoy how blue the sky is right now, how green the grass is right at this moment?

Just step out and see it.


The thing is, sometimes we wish for stuff so much that when we do have the time, we hardly take the time to do the exact things we were wishing for.

Sometimes longing for things is a good feeling. Longing for someone, longing for something, gives you a feeling of anticipation that feels right.

Ever hear the saying, “missing you feels so good”.

I think that we put stuff in our brains to want and need but it quickly loses its appeal once we get it.

I have at theory that is why most people who suddenly find their dreams come true or success finds them; go spiraling down in the abyss of depression.

What do you do when you finally get all you wished for? What is there left to look forward to? To anticipate and wish you had, when you suddenly have it all?

This is why I would suggest that you accomplish your smaller goals and then enjoy them and see how that sits with you.

What is as good as you thought it was going to be? Or did it fall flat and leave you unfulfilled?

I think it might be a combination of getting what you want and then being passionate and anticipating something new.

The human condition is always at its best when it’s working towards improvement. The challenge and goal oriented brain loves to be working towards accomplishment.

This is why so many people sabotage themselves when it comes to relationships and successes in their lives. When you get it or reach it, it just isn’t that interesting anymore.

It can also leave you wondering if you wanted any of what you were wishing for in the first place. It can leave you wondering if you priorities were that important to begin with when it leaves you so empty so quickly? Was it a want or a need?

Do you really want what the neighbor has or does it seem like what everyone is doing?

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself the question of what is it you really want? When you can wake up in the morning and be content and happy with your successes, I would say you got it figured out.




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