How Exciting Is This!! Let’s Talk Car Insurance!

On the cusp of having to go out and buy another vehicle (used of course, this weekend), I received our newest car insurance companies renewal quote for next year coming up.Color me super surprised that they decreased my policy another $30 a month. That means an increase in yearly savings of $360, over and above what we had already saved last year which was $1200. So yearly, we would be saving a whopping $1560 as to what we used to pay. That is something to celebrate. That $1500 will most likely used to buy the new/used vehicle we will be looking for this weekend to replace the one that broke! See where I’m going with this.

Insurance companies are the vampires of society since they seem to like to charge something different for everything? Why is it that their prices are so different from one company to the next and by so much?

If you think of how much money we spend on all types of insurances every month and how little we get from it, it makes you want to cringe. But you know you need it just in case something does happen, especially vehicle insurance.

Although I still have lots of insurance (life, car, house, mortgage), I will be super happy to get rid of most of what I don’t need and stick to the basic minimum once we start accumulating enough money to take care of most things. One of those being car insurance. So every year now I look to find where I can get the best pricing.

I did a quick search on the site I used last year, which was for my vehicle only and they could only come up with $7 higher than what was offered by the current company they suggested last year, so I guess they are still trying to get on my good side with car insurance with “economical”, so I guess I am doing alright for this year still and will stick with them for the upcoming year. Nice that I don’t have to switch!

It’s important to still do your searches and see if you can get better pricing even if they are offering really good pricing at renewal. You need to keep on top of these things because you never want to be paying more than you need to.

So as we start our weekend search for another vehicle, we can be happy and secure to know that we can keep getting the best price for our money on whatever vehicle we decide to purchase and that puts all our minds at ease.

Sorry for the short post, but you know I have to be on the lookout for vehicles and start planning to go see some for the weekend coming up, so we can start and hopefully finish our shopping by Sunday! Wish us luck!




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