Do You See Good Things For Me, Jane?

I was asked that very question on the weekend.I was asked by someone who has been alone for quite a while.

My answer?

You attract what you put out there.

If you are grateful, you will attract grateful people in your life.

If you complain all day and all night, you might repel a lot of people. I know I don’t really want to hang around with someone who is complaining day in day out.

I’m sure it’s not the answer most people want, since I can tell they want a prediction from the heavens.

The thing is, if you really listen to what I said, I’m already telling you what you need to do to get what you want.

I see people complaining about petty ridiculous things that don’t really matter. I listen to discussions from these people as they complain of patio cushions and what’s theirs in the fridge.

I understand that the lack of caring by some can be a real problem to others. Example: Taking the last of the milk in the fridge without letting anyone know, might be very frustrating if someone needs milk for a recipe or their cookies and end up coming short. But that can be rectified by a text or a note on the fridge to let everyone know. It’s common courtesy and an easy fix.

But when your entire day is only revolving around getting upset about these little things, you spend your days complaining to people about stuff that could be resolved with a simple discussion. You also waste others time with it when you could be inviting better thoughts and gratitude in your life.

If you spend your days complaining and you find yourself alone. Doesn’t that mean that maybe you should be pulling your thoughts in a different direction?

We all get in a rut where we get stuck grumping as I call it, by complaining about a certain thing that gets our goat and just going around in circles over it. It’s okay to be human like that sometimes, but when you go around complaining and judging everyone day in and day out, people will want to steer clear of you and you will be alone. Especially if you are always judging people by the way they live.

So are good things coming to you?

My question in return would be this? Are you inviting good things in your life? If you are, you should not have to ask that question because you already know.

So I guess that is my answer to that question.

So….Are good things coming to you?  You tell me.


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