Why Do We Bargain Hoard?

Well, here I am again. It’s Friday and I’m so glad it is. As a nine to five person (more like eight to five), I live for the end of the week. Nothing like looking forward to Friday and have it arrive as it should! Aren’t we lucky?

I’ve sold a piece of exercise equipment that I mentally put in my way of cleaning a certain area in the front area of my home, since it was in front of the piece of furniture I wanted to clean…Yeah, I know a pretty lame excuse to not do the work. But that’s me. But at least when I do clean out the area this weekend, I can finally look at it without a bunch of junk I am waiting to sell sitting in front of it.

The clearing and cleaning has now spread out to work as well. I have been spending most of July just clearing stuff out.

Seems my spaces are getting cleaner, slowly but surely. And it’s great. Maybe one day I’ll look around and not see the junk that still is a great big part of my life.

As much as I get rid of stuff, seems there is always more to get rid of.  I don’t drive myself nuts all the time about it, just part of the time.

Talking about stuff and donations, I passed by my local good will down by the road and noticed that an hour before it was to open that people start lining up at the door, and could not help but wonder what could be so important that you need to line up at a good will, I guess if you are not a working stiff you can get those advantages.

I won’t complain at the unfairness of the fact that I have to work while these people get to go through the best stuff that comes in. That would be jealousy and something I might have felt a few years back.

Heck I donate all my stuff to this place. Hey maybe I am causing these line-ups with my awesome stuff.

And it’s not the fact that most of the cars I see parked by the side of the road are younger looking than my 2008 or that the people I see standing there don’t look like they are in need of much.

And please spare me the lecture that people can still be poor and look presentable. I see them dragging the stuff out the store and it’s nothing that is needed to survive, old chairs and plates are nothing that spells survival.

I spent years spending at bargain places and buying loads of stuff feeling like I had done good because they were such a good price.

I saw a presentation the other night that said that the working poor are the ones that consume the most. Seems whatever little bit we get into our hands we spend and savings are the furthest thing from our minds.

My only point is this… Even when we as a society don’t have much money, we find ways of spending the little bit we have at places such as these or dollar stores etc. I remember frequenting these places and coming out with more stuff that I had no place for, simply because it was at a bargain price.

Hey, I still do it at the Dollar Tree from time to time and leave thinking, what the hell did I buy all this crap for?

Then I regroup and can be good for a time. One of the first questions I ask is where is it am I going to put this in my house?

If I can’t come up with an immediate answer I put it back and to tell you the truth. I put it back %75 of the stuff I get that way.

So my Friday has begun with some clearing and will probably end on the same note at home. I throw, I give and I sell, but most importantly, then I breathe in because my space has gotten a little bit bigger and helps my mind de-clutter.



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