Pushing Evolution! Why?

Once upon a time, we learned how to speak and walk and then that made it so we could go visit other people. Then we learned how to ride horses and we reached greater distances. Long trips were arranged and organized because it took a while to get to the cities.Most people worked locally because of it being necessary.

But then we invented trains and horseless carriages, offering us a way to breach even longer distances. And suddenly we could travel more often to see others not only that, we could also start traveling to neighboring towns to work.

Now we have fast cars, fast computers and smart phones that all travel and work at the speed of light!

We can travel to another country by plane or online and breach all 4 corners of the Earth (figuratively speaking since the earth is round, but you know what I mean).

We have cloned sheep, dis proven many religions and all agree that the planet needs to be helped.

But does it?

Do we need to fix anything at all? I just watched some footage of scientists wanting to clone humans and trying to re sequence the human genome. Do we really need to play with everything until we push it too far?

I understand the need to want to get rid of the imperfections. Looking around at ignorant people I would be all for a gene that offers more simple intelligence and common sense, but I’m veering off topic here.

I’m sure finding and getting rid of the gene that triggers cancer from being active would be a nice thing.

But where do we stop? How much do we meddle in things making our involvement go from making things better to making it wrong? I’m not talking about biblical implications; I’m talking about the human ego thinking it knows more than the simple basic functions of this planet.

I’m all for minimizing the damage we cause this big blue ball but are we just being a big bunch of over eager beavers by trying to fix everything including the stuff that does not necessarily need fixing.

What is wrong with my eyebrows being different, or a crooked nose or long toes? Is it really that important to make designer human beings? I think just because you can do something does not mean you need to. Is it really imperfect or is that we have told each other and what our definition of beauty is? Isn’t beauty to each his own?

As I said I am never against taking away whatever causes pain in this world like deadly diseases that hurt and degrade the human condition, but when is it too much? When have we crossed the line?

After all, aren’t we like the planet coming and leaving and changing as the planet does? Aren’t we all just part of our environment on this planet? Ever changing and moving from one generation to the next? Even with the problems we face health wise, aren’t we still quite the infestation on this planet?

When do we stop dictating what we think should be and just let life be what it should? Aren’t we the ones causing problems that likely may not exist if we just simply lived as nature does?

We have a conscious mind, and that makes us different than everything else on the planet? But do we over-complicate things especially because when we are learning? And just because we have this consciousness, does that make us better or even right?

Again, when do we start breathing and living at the speed of the planet and not our wonderful inventions?

I know, I’m asking more questions than anything else today? But have you ever thought about it?

Let me know your thoughts, if you have any? I would love to simply stop the big wheel of change sometimes but am I oversimplifying it? Is there a right or wrong when it comes to these things?




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