Easy To Be Depressed!

The reason I take a break on the weekends from Social Media is because I would go nuts. I could fall into depression so easily with the garbage that goes on day in, day out.Yes, it’s necessary for me to get there to keep my blog visible and communicate with the enlightened people of this world and the same goes with my YouTube Channel.

However, I deem it necessary to take a weekend break to get back to what is real and to interact with the people I chose to interact with.

Every day, I see people threatening to delete you (drama), others never say a word to you or support you until you say something they don’t like so they get on their soapbox (drama queens), then you have the nasty ones , the ones who are anonymous trolls who just want to hate everyone (drama inducing trolls).

Such unhappy people in this world and as someone WHO USED TO always fall for drama or the underdog, I no longer feel the need to care. However, I still notice, and think, why do I bother even sharing anything? Isn’t my happiness enough? Isn’t getting financially well enough for me and my family and all that is really important? Why do I care if anyone else stays in debt and get a boost of happiness in their day?

Why do I bother to write blogs about finding inner peace, and about being grateful?

Why do I bother making videos of nature and how to save money?

Why do I bother when I get drama and even straight up insulted for my efforts? Why would I even bother trying to help anyone who seems to care only half the time if even that?

As I was paddling on my kayak this weekend, the question kept roaming in my mind. After all, I love disconnecting when the weekend comes. To do things in the safety of my little bubble and leave the world out of it. As I stare at the sky while the rays hit the water as the water runs rapidly under me with every stroke of the paddle, I don’t need to think of the negative out there. The water does not care what I wear or look like, it doesn’t care what I say or my views on anything. It is there now and will be there long after I am no more.

I think that is why so many don’t do this type of thing. Put themselves out there. This is the negative side to these things that no one tells you about.

And as much as I don’t sit and cry about any of it, I have to admit that sometimes I wonder why I even bother. I have so much bliss when I walk away from it.

Then I realized again, that I am doing it because I want to do it. I want to share my journey. I want to contribute to someone’s life with a thought that may help, a new way of doing and thinking, a few more dollars to spend on living instead of being slaves debt.

Does not matter if it’s a small group or that some will try to make me feel like I’m unworthy or a freak. I just need to take a break and let things go by and then start again!

Don’t let anyone make you feel like less of a human because you are trying to help. Just because you are not like others and maybe even a bit unconventional does not mean you are less.

Take a breather, but never let others make you give up, because there would be the tragedy! If you stop because it’s your decision to stop, then that is alright, but if you stop because of the few who make you doubt your value on this planet, don’t let them win.

Expose them, get rid of them (the awesome beauty of blocking and deleting to never be heard from again), but never ever let them win! If you need a break, take one. But don’t let anyone ever discourage you from your goals and your reasons for being who you are.

You may not fit in a mold or even look the way a shallow world dictates. That doesn’t matter. Keep believing the world is your playground and that you can do what you want with your life.

It’s your life to live! Live it on your terms and no one elses!



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