Why I Have Been Concentrating On Budget Stuff Instead of Inspirational Posts!

You may have wondered why I have not been writing about more personal topics of the positive kind in the last little while and sticking to budget stuff…

Firstly, I love talking about saving money. But it’s really not the reason why. Recently I have found that social media and other forms of it have taken a toll on my mental and emotional well being.

I like to think I am positive and promote it. I don’t believe in race or religion but the simple premise that “We Are One”. And I don’t believe that any one people should have preferential treatment because of their race or religion.

I’m not denying any hardships anyone might have suffered in the past for having been of a certain race or religion, but do believe that we have it in our power to look at history as a time where we were stupid and ignorant and that our future is one of “Being One” as in
“The Human Race.”

I have done nothing to contribute to these stupid acts of the past and I don’t believe that any one group of people in the present day should ever walk around feeling guilty for oppression that happened by others hands and not our own. (I am not talking about present day people promoting hate).

I try to veer away from these things but every once in awhile I will post something I deem is important and immediately start getting attacked for my point of view. The thing is, it’s not the ones that are obviously unintelligent that get to me.

You know..the guy  who can’t spell and damns you to hell without actually being able to spell it out so you understand. These ignorant people I am ready for. They are pretty predictable and you can fluff them off and weed them out and get rid of them without a thought.

The people that get me the most are the ones that write eloquently in long drawn out paragraphs basically to be as ignorant if not more than the dumbest person on the planet.

And although it takes all kinds to make this world and everyone is entitled to their opinions, I found that the simplest and most sane thing for me to do is to get rid of these low vibrational humans and learn to not argue with them, ever.

Only I sometimes give these paragraph writing dummies the benefit of the doubt only to come back to this saying:

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” Mark Twain

And there is a mountain of truth in that.

I made sure to take a couple days, weeks, months to and concentrate on things that make the most sense to me, which is how to save money and share it with like minded people who are looking to better themselves in all ways.

I need to stick with my people and what I mean by my people are people who are open to new things and old things.

People who think we can all get a great shake at everything and should demand it regardless of who they are, where they are from or what their situation might be.

People who stick to the positive side of things and make sure to be an addition to this world. Not a way to take 3 steps back.

Everyday you hear about people who beat the odds and make their lives better. Why? Because they believed it and made it happen and had people who believed it too.

I will keep deleting off social media people of little vision and one track focus on things that only hinder this planet and people on it.

I will not listen to people in my everyday life who spend their time telling me how I can’t do something (or naysayers). I happen to believe there is always a way even if it means a way around it.

So if this post aggravates you, I won’t be insulted if we part ways. For I won’t change my outlook about everyone living equally. I feel it in my head and in my heart. Even if you say, it is not so and that I see things in shades of my race.

It is so in my life and I will treat everyone that way. Everyone gets the chance of it with me until they open their mouth and prove me wrong. And yes I did not say their religion or race, I said mouth. Because most of the time, I find it’s ignorance I am intolerant to rather than anything else, and I’m thinking that this might be the number one problem in the world today, although they like to hide it behind other things and titles to meet their personal agendas.

You may say that won’t make a difference. But I tell you this. If 4,999 people out of 5,000 people believe that every one is equal and has a chance at everything and works for it (notice how I didn’t say hands it to you, we all have to work at what we want), then wouldn’t the majority swing the vote.

Think about it. What if every person did not live with the thoughts that they were somehow passed over and living a life of deprivation, or always playing the victim and not being taught these things by the ones before them and instead work at living a positive good life, wouldn’t their state of mind change.

That they were being taught of how valuable every life is and how every opportunity is there for the taking while being supported by everyone to make sure every chance is available to everyone.

That we speak to one another with respect and without pre judgement. That we live in a life believing in abundance and gratefulness.

That… I believe would make a difference in this world.

And if you take into consideration what happened with all the shootings that we have experienced in this world in the last few years, that if both sides thought this way that maybe all the situations would have unfolded differently. Please notice I am not taking any sides here. My only side is to believe that human life should be preserved and cherished. Our time here is already so short.

Only by denying historical guilt trips, or to stop thinking that one’s person’s beliefs are any less important than our own and/or constant reminding of events from the past that current society had nothing to do with are you always bringing forth the hate and resentment of time that needs healing and forgiveness to move forward. Only then can real change be achieved by all parties.

And in any case, I prefer to live with these thoughts than the others I have encountered in the last little while. If I lose people over it, so be it. I can live with that. They are more likely no one I would even have any real important conversations with and I no longer try to convince people of anything.

I just write what is true to me.

That is all I will say about this and to say that I have learned my lesson (see quote from Mark Twain above for recap).

With that I wish you a good day and a great life. You make it what it is, so make sure you make it a good one.



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