FREE! FREE! FREE! Streaming Channels That Work On My Canadian Roku! FilmOn.TV!

Coming straight off a high of cancelling my first credit card (didn’t need it and it had been at a 0 balance for years now); I want to write about something I found yesterday as I was doing research on what I could get for Canadian Streaming Channels for the Roku for my YouTube Money Saving Series.It’s an APP/Channel that I was able to download to my Roku Box yesterday that offers free live streaming channels.

It streams a few channels from Canada and a lot more from the UK for free and as you can see from the Icons there is so much more.

I really wanted the Canadian channels to get current news in case our antenna gives out because of bad weather, etc… It’s nice to have a backup.

But I was pleasantly surprised by having hit the jackpot by finding a lot of channels on the UK live Tv, even one that is a movie channel.

For the most versed in this kind of thing, people most likely already know about the channel even that it was active and then was no longer working, but was revamped and brought back. It’s been around for a few months since as far as I can see fall of 2015 and has been up since, so it be around for a while. I sure hope so. One of the ways something can stick around is if people subscribe to it. So here I am promoting it. HEY it’s free!

You have to subscribe online at and have to add it to your Roku Box by logging on to your Roku account online and adding the channel with the Channel Code is: NMEVA 

After you have added the code, all you need is to go in your Roku settings and do an update of the box and the channel Icon will appear at the end of your channels. You may need to link it with the website or not, since I did not have to.

I got to watch “Quincy M.E.” yesterday from a U.K. channel. Some of you will not know what that is, but I’m sure some will know. I had not seen that tv show in ages.

And some pessimists might call them crap channels as I have seen on some forums.

My answer to that is, I don’t call anything crap that is for free, since if one day that would be all I had to watch, I would be very grateful.

Their site claims to have over 600 live TV channels for free. Of course there are other packages where you can buy, but my goal is to spend as little as I can and what they offer for free sounds pretty good to me.

I’m pretty sure you can watch these online on your laptop without a Roku box so go check it out. All you need is an email.

So here is my Freebie for the day!

My motto still remains. I love free!

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