Hydro Update!

As I am sure you have probably all gotten your New Home Energy Report if you live in Ontario Canada, I am going to share my results with you.13934932_10153706808877155_2174144468636583657_n

Yes, that is impressive, and we are very proud of it. If you haven’t seen my book on saving on your hydro cost, look on this blog post page to find it.


And don’t forget the next in the series that will all be covered on my new YouTube Channel “A Decade To Freedom”.


Really, I am not making it up. I used to pay $350 a month year round and now I pay anything between $133 to $163 depending on whether or not we are using an air conditioner.

To save the way we have, I have to advise you that you need to be brutal and it can seem a bit extreme to some, but we were willing to do it to save fed up of paying so much for something that should be considered a necessity and affordable.

The only problem with us saving is I am now hearing that people such as myself are being told by others (people in general) that our reduction in energy is actually hurting the rest of the population because we are causing price hikes because we don’t use enough.

Well, isn’t that gloriously ridiculous. They already overcharge us as we are the highest billed in all our country for energy and they privatized it so that if they are not making enough money for their investors they can continue upping the bills until someone can no longer pay hydro and food because of the exorbitant pricing.


So although I am the one in blue and saving through personal sacrifice from having neither the traditional washer/dryer, freezer and dish washing machine, I am hurting the people who are already using a lot of power and being charged way to much for it.

If using the power would actually lower the cost, then I would be all for it, but from season to season, they simply raise the prices and they are set to rise again in November. Every six months they ding us and ding us constantly to deliver it to us in the country.

There is no advantage to using more, none. The more I use, the more they charge.

The one thing I have noticed as I speak of this topic more and more is that people are really angry about this and it’s started to generate news coverage.

I’ve seen 3 stories about this now and am hoping that the publicity will shame our politicians into helping out the people in the province.

As for myself. I am still looking at options for alternate power sources. And as always, I will keep you posted about these things.

For now I am happy to have returned some real profits back into our pockets as the report clearly shows, and added to our journey to financial freedom.

Every day I speak to people who give me excuses of how they can’t and won’t, and if they set up their own limitations, the only person they are truly harming is themselves.

As for my family, we try to say….NO… well let’s see if we can turn that into a YES.

Most of time we can.  People and companies will gladly take your money from you, so it’s you and only you are responsible to find ways to save your money.

How badly do you want your goals to happen for you?



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