Why Do We Always Want So Much More Than We Have?

As I watched an over 40 foot 5th wheel pulled by a huge truck pass by seemingly with only 2 people in it. I can’t help and wonder why is it we seem to get so much more than we need.And better yet, why do we get it knowing just how much it will cost us.

Are we blinded by the shiny colors of the toy, the car/truck, the 5th wheel, the 4 wheeler?

Are we hypnotized by long weeks of work and just needing a way out of the grind? Aren’t we realizing that these are the very things keeping us working so hard?

Why is it so easy to do?

I was actually driving my kid to his driver’s course and I heard on the radio, one ad about buying a Cadillac and having 0 down for 84 months??? Then they were promoting Money Mart (payday loan store) and their latest greatest deal and then a restaurant to finish it off.

Do we get brainwashed? Yep, most likely. They promote affordability, but it’s a trick.

How many dollars will you be giving over in interest? And Money Mart, well let’s just not go there. Want to get deeper in a hole. Just go see them and get caught in the wheel of never getting out of debt.

What they do should be called criminal. And finally, you need to celebrate by going to pay far too much for a mediocre meal that you could have cooked for ¼ of the price at probably double the quality.

But everyone is doing it right? And if they are offering 45000 equal affordable payments and I might even get a bigger and better one than the neighbor, that’s all good right?

We all have to live for today right? Who cares about tomorrow? That is one way of thinking about it.

You deserve to treat yourself, don’t you? You work hard.

And I would if I wanted to stay in debt until 65 or 67! But I don’t want to. I want to be out of debt soon. The sooner the better.

I want money to live on and that’s it. It’s remarkable how little we need to live if you really think about it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the time to be quiet inside your mind and body? To sync yourself to the planet instead of the all the external stuff we have created as our realities and a complete illusion only maintained by our constant belief in it.

Since noticing that people create realities that people buy into, I have started making my own reality and am maintaining that I prefer my own. It’s based on what I want, not dictated by ads or what the neighbor has.

I have found without the incessant hum of ads telling me what I need and want, my wants have become a lot smaller.

The shiny things are not holding my attention much anymore because the pain of slavery they offer is a great deterrent, when a lot less is better at making sure that I can finally decide what I will be doing with my time instead of having to trade my days for money to pay for expensive things I hardly use, that I end up selling at half the price because no one wants to pay full price for the used merchandise.

The sooner you learn this lesson, the faster you can be on your way to financial liberation of some kind, releasing little by little the noose of the revolving job to credit payment.

I wish you the best journey on your path to whatever you want. Life is so short and it’s important to keep your mind open to new things and the ever growing pain of enlightenment.




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