Saving Money Series on YouTube!

Sorry for the delay in posting today!I have been working on the videos for my new money saving series and it’s been quite the journey so far.

Who knew there was so much to say and/or to remember to say?

Well the first video should be out by tonight or tomorrow early. It’s the first of 3 parts dealing with cutting the Cable to save money every month.

I will try to get  all 3 videos on this out as soon as possible since it’s kind of needed to keep it flowing.

I didn’t want to make a mini-series on the subject, but really I ended up needing to split it up since it would have been an hour long episode.

All good info, especially if you are new to it, but still took way longer to explain than what I thought.

I tried to keep it flowing for everyone, so you don’t start falling asleep in the middle of listening to it.

The first part basically shows you My “Then” and “Now” payments for when we had cable to how much we are saving by getting rid of it.

Then we get into the meat and potatoes of it. First showing you where you can acquire the Roku Box and how much it cost (Canadians funds).


An article you can look up with the difference between Roku 2 and 3. (link to be posted below the video)

And then run you through what the box looks like and remote and the screens you will see when you hook it up yourself and what you need to do.

I also talk about a possible work around for omitting payment information when you first activate your Roku Account since they ask for credit card or PayPal info, since it does have stuff you can purchase such as Apps (a lot are free and I usually stick to those, but some charge) and movies you can rent or buy on Google Play or The Cineplex App.

In the next installment, I get to the fun stuff showing you how to navigate and all the apps available with your Roku and will give you my opinion on the Roku stick (which we also have on another TV in our home).

So if you have not done so already, go to our YouTube Channel “A Decade To Freedom” and subscribe so you don’t miss out on this awesome series, where we show you not only where you can save money, but also take the guess work out of it by showing you exactly what we did by going through the process and the steps so you know where to begin and what you are getting into.

Here’s the link if you have not been to see yet, and the video should start showing up shortly.

A Decade To Freedom!




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