Some Days, It’s Just Harder To Write.

I missed a blog on Friday. It is not like me to do so, I can even say that I have come close to missing writing a blog quite a few times on my journey of writing every week day, but have always made it even if it was last minute.But on Friday, I missed it and thought I would sit and write something interesting or profound or both later in the day and found myself without a thing to talk about, so I skipped it.

I thought, oh well, no great big whoop. Even writers need a break sometimes. It’s not like someone came around and asked why I didn’t write? However, here we are on a Monday and I still don’t have much to say.

I went to the online Newspaper in my area and saw they were really laying it on thick this morning with the fear mongering, reporting on what he and she said they saw. Never the full story but enough to get you going for nothing. This profession in writing  should be demolished for all the bad feelings they make sure people feed on.

Fed up with the media trying to sensationalize everything to keep people busy in negative thoughts I just sat here and wondered what to write about.

So I decided to write about my day so far. I woke up to the day being grey. Always makes you long to go back to bed and to sleep under snuggly covers.

Can’t do that today however, since I had places to be.

One place in particular was to drive my younger son to his driver’s course in the neighboring town. Then get back to work to do my day there.

It’s almost 2 pm and I haven’t heard from him so he must be busy or his head exploded from all the new info.

The other person I work with is currently on vacation. Second week of and I am enjoying the break. I am also thoroughly enjoying my weekends with my boys.

It was my youngest birthday who reached 19 this weekend and the boys hung out together on Saturday and he and I hung out together on Sunday going to see a movie. We saw a horror flick “Lights Out”. Pretty predictable but still a seat jumper and we like those (my youngest and me).

I am going back there a lot today! It’s a nice place to be. The weekend in my head I mean. My hubby woke up on Sunday and took the time to give me a nice back rub. What a great way to wake up!

Saturday was dining with a girlfriend with lots of changes that will be shaping her near future! Found another culinary spot that had delectable food.  Must make it a point to go there again soon to bring the oldest boy (my husband).

The rain has been falling heavily on and off all day. We needed a day such as this. To really give the crops around here a good drink. It’s a nice rainy day. The one that keeps everything wet but without the nasty thunder storm and such.

A church burnt down in a neighboring town on Saturday when a storm system passed by and lighting struck down on it (some newspapers are saying they are not sure it was that, but he weather was pretty interesting on Saturday).  It’s so sad to see such historical buildings get destroyed. It was built in 1879. (church as it looked before the blaze below)



Here is a link to the news story with pics of the blaze.

Church Goes Up In Flames

The link below gives you a bit more of the small town.

St-Isidore, Ontario

I hear a local barn also might have met its demise on Saturday. A lot going on in these parts, but at least there was no loss of life which is always important.

I had some company for a while as local maintenance guys came in and did some much needed dismantling of old equipment.

I’ve been steadily working and just watching the time go by as I complete my tasks without too many difficulties.

I actually like days like these. I have stuff to do and just do it at a nice steady pace. Much is getting done and I feel sort of peaceful and well.

Is it wrong to feel this way? It’s not that there are not specific things that I need to be accomplishing in my own personal life and such, but is it ok to be alright with the status quo even if it’s not perfect?

I’m thinking yes.

It’s almost as though my head doesn’t want me to be running around in circles, so it has taken a timeout.

Even when I had to call my new cell phone company to correct their billing for the 3rd time in row, did I not get aggravated. Just got it done.

Still highly functional, just a little less neurotic. One has to wonder how long that will last.

But for now, it’s here. So I might as well enjoy it.

Why don’t you tell me what’s making you smile these days!



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