A Decade to Freedom – NO Video?

Actually I’m hoping to have something done by the weekend, but am having a hard time getting it done.


Technology is not cooperating. Either the upload stops and don’t start again, and when I try to do it from my laptop, it’s simply not working or my computer decides to do an update and shuts down needing me to start all over again.

Never being one to ignore signs, I will simply sit on it for a bit and see what shows up as different options. I think it may be telling me I am doing the wrong introduction to this.

I listen to such signs when they appear. Usually means I’m on the wrong path. So it might take a bit more time to look at a new way and new light and try it that way instead.

Nothing stopping me here from talking about the point I was trying to get across. Well let’s hope so anyways!

Like my books on saving money, I have in mind to start a video series that helps you save money. Giving everyone a screen shot of stuff, a play by play of how to do it. Take the guess work out of it.

My first video was to be an introduction to it. Why an introduction, well, I have found that for many reasons the saving money series has been the least popular series, even when there is so much to gain.

Not just for me, but for many who promote living a healthier life when it comes to money.

I wanted to think on it for a bit and explore the reasons why it is not as popular as I think it should be. With all the free information there is out there, why wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

I first thought of myself and why I did not do it for so long. And here are the reasons I did not do it.

  1. For us, procrastination was a top one.

I will get around to it was always the thing. When I would try, I would try to do it alone and then quickly fail. I would try again and again but would lose steam after a couple of weeks. But I would restrict myself without trying to find savings on my expenses. I would just try to cut myself off and then felt like I would be sacrificing for years and years without any relief which would then in turn break me.

  1. Then after working and everything else I did when returning home, I just convinced myself I had no energy left to look into budgeting.

It required too much energy after working all week and I wanted to have fun and put that stuff off.

  1. The sacrifice always seemed too much.

I always felt that I was cutting myself off from everything I loved. But when I realized I was doing it the wrong way, that’s when I started making headway. Sometimes it’s much less a sacrifice and much more a simple change, a shift that needs to be done in order for things to start happening.

  1. I always thought in terms of payments per month and that I could handle them.

Instead of realizing that you pay so much more to have the convenience of payments, I realized just how much money gets consumed in interest that by the end of the payments for stuff you have paid way too much for them. But always fooled myself into thinking, “the payments are reasonable and they will eventually end.”

  1. I also did not realize what were true assets and what were true liabilities.

Once you figure out that all stuff that depreciates in value will always be liabilities, you realize that you need to get out of that vicious circle.

  1. I would fool myself of how many years I had left to save and such.

I’ll get around to it again would be in my mind about having enough money for the future. Mindsets and just not exploring anything different was getting us dangerously in a pattern that has been suffered by thousands if not millions of people through time. We all have time until we don’t.

I think that is pretty much it for us. Hopefully I can help break this pattern with some. It’s a lot easier than you think. And it starts with one small step.

Stay tuned!


Just got feedback from a few people on social media about the reasons they have a hard time to save money. It’s still early but I‘m getting reasons such as unforeseen expenses, such as house repairs, car repairs, cost of living, children. Or that they are just overwhelmed by house expenses, but don’t want to lose the equity they have built up.

These are all great answers that further help me understand why this is a topic that no one wants to look into. I’m guessing it would be because it’s already painful enough. No reason to get your hopes up especially if you think nothing much will make a difference. So they go on from day to day trying to get to the next paycheck.

All the feedback is helping me figure out how to put something out there that will help you out, so it’s much appreciated. If you want to leave your comments of how you dealt with or what it was for you if you are now out of that vicious circle, I’d love to hear it.

I know for some it may seem like a never ending mess, but there are things you can do to release some of the burden on your shoulders.

Frustration and overwhelming feelings seems to overshadow the light and you need to help get out of those feelings so you don’t cause yourself any more damage.

Stay Tuned!

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