Finishing Off the Messy Business of Cell Phone Switching!

Just about at the tail end of switching all phones to PC Mobile and I have to say if they did not have such a great plan (cheaper than anyone else with good cell reception) I would have probably left by now. They have not impressed me much, but it’s much more about pricing than impressions.

As far as I can tell I will be paying off the balance of my cell bill with Virgin within the next couple of days and then I can cancel it outright. Then I can just start monitoring PC for any discrepancies.

I have mentioned a few here and to say that their website is great would be an all-out lie. It’s been a long time since I have called a company to understand how to navigate their dumb website.

But if you are determined, you do it and put up with such things. Here’s hoping that they improve with time. For the most part, their service reps are not bad. Had to deal with the same idiot rep as last time, but he was less of an idiot this time around. Even did not charge me the sim card this last time when I finally caved in and switched my older son so he could be on everyone’s bill instead of separate because of their fault.


If you are just joining us, here is what happened. I was paying about $90 for my cell bill and the boys were at $65 apiece and hubby was $60. With taxes that came up to $295 a month for 4 phones. Way too much. This was Virgin.

So I went on the hunt and found Videotron for my location. But the service was practically non-existent for my area. We live in the boonies. No City for 35 to 40 minutes.

So we left them and went with PC mobile. With your own phone which 2 of us have its $38 a month, 500 mb of data for $5 and then another 500 mb for another 5$, then it goes up to $10 for each gig after that. It’s pay as you use for data which is the part I like.

If you get a phone from them under $200 it’s $44 dollars a month and 100000 points for those who collect those, that’s $100 of groceries. Good deal.

Since 2 of us hardly use data, this is a very good deal, for the rest of us; we only pay for what we use. The cell reception is good because they use Telus Lines.

I’ve have trouble opening the initial account and then fixing the mix ups that happened from that initial opening, but I was willing to put it off to just bad luck, since on that day  when we opened the account their systems were having problems.

I found their customer service on the phone to be about a 7 out of 10 for when they can’t figure it out, they send you to the kiosk. The kiosk service was a hit and miss. The first people who served us were very nice but they screwed it all up, the next two who helped me where alright but only rated about a 6 out of 10 because of their inability to communicate some important information about the fact that according to them, I had a terrible credit score enough to be unable to add anything to first account I opened. It was their mistake, and then when they proceeded to open a second account, they also put my address in wrong and started charging me for 911 service for Alberta. I live in Ontario. Yes, the level of incompetence at times was a little much, but as I said, I really didn’t care, except that the cell coverage was good and I was saving money.

Their website is hard to navigate and figure out. You would need instructions and it’s just gawdy in this age of technology, you would think they could figure out a better way of doing stuff.

The cell service itself is pretty good and we only had problems with one of the phones purchased and basically it was the systems update that was the culprit for the problems so I won’t blame it on them. A quick factory reset fixed it.

It’s been a crazy kind of 3 months since I have started the process of switching over. It’s almost done now and I’m looking forward to just paying a bill every month, saving hopefully close to $90 a month on cell phone usage.

It could be better, but it’s what I could find right now with good cell coverage. And if we really wanted to one month, by cutting off our data usage, we could increase our savings and I really like that because you have that option unlike with other companies that lock you in to a certain amount of data every month.

Next month we move on to hydro again. Yes, we are back at it, where we will be covering our well insulated hot water tank with a blanket and pipe insulation and reviewing all our money saving methods and see if we can increase it even more.

We will be looking at other high energy appliances around our home and see how more efficient we can make them so our cost keep going down where energy is concerned.

There are always better ways if you chose to look at your options. And there are options out there.


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