Bolt Castle and Our Visit There!

It’s been 3 years, but I can remember it like yesterday.

We had just returned in April of that year from the most phenomenal first trip we ever made to the States or anywhere and it had been so tremendously gorgeous and unforgettable, we were a bit in shock when returning to our real world of work and paying bills.

We almost went into a small depression having been on our first adventure and having it enjoyed it so thoroughly. Regular life seems almost small compared to the adventure we had been on.

In the summer of that year, I decided to do a small weekend trip to the 1000 Islands and found a company in Rockport that took you out to Bolt Castle for a tour.

I was not familiar with it or its history.

The link below will give you a better explanation of the story and pictures.

Basically, it was castle that was to be built on Heart Island called Bolt Castle. The owner abruptly stopped building it when his love/wife suddenly took ill and died.

It lay there for years at the mercy of the elements until it was taken over by the 1000 Island authorities who opened up to the public in the late 70’s and the money from the tours has been used to restore the castle and other structures.

If you have never been, I would suggest you do. It’s a beautiful place to visit and if you take your time, you can find some interesting things in almost every corner of this place. They gave us 4 hours until the boats came back for us. I remember thinking I would be bored and have too much time. After all, it was just a building. I remember my husband and I running to catch the boat. 4 hours had barely been enough.

Here’s a slideshow of some of the beauty that can be found there. I remember telling my husband that day that there was no such thing as a bad shot in this place. Looking at these pictures, I would be inclined to say I was right! So beautiful. It was a joy to visit.

Thinking now we should go back there soon!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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